Semiconductor Solutions


The semiconductor industry is a challenging industry from a technological as well as a product lifecycle management perspective. Over the last decades, NTS has established itself as a key development and manufacturing partner for semiconductor OEMs. Our partners value our broad technical know-how and competencies that can be applied in the semiconductor market. Key is our ability to combine different technologies, from shock absorption and high-precision mechatronics to optical capabilities, in high-quality, high-precision equipment. Furthermore, we have shown ourselves able to deal with the volatility that characterizes this market.

Digital Printing

NTS is specialized in (co-)development, manufacturing and assembly of industrial inkjet printer and print modules. With increasing complexity and fast time-to-market, NTS can support by accelerating the development cycle using our inkjet process validation platform, proven building blocks and fast lane proto production. Moreover, NTS achieves low total cost of ownership using value engineering competence, volume production and global footprint.

With 25+ years of experience, NTS has developed broad range of industrial printers for graphical printing (banners, textile, direct-to-shape etc.), functional printing (etch resist, ophthalmic lenses, 3D switchable screen etc.) and 3D/additive manufacturing (plastics, metal) for OEM customers.

Digital Printing Solutions

Life Sciences Solutions

Life Sciences & Analytical

NTS expects increasing demand for complex systems and modules due to global population growth, an ageing world population, but also because of the growing prosperity of rich countries. The medical & analytical markets require high-technology solutions and knowledge. This fits seamlessly with the core competencies of NTS. Due to our high standard of quality and ultra-precision, we are a partner of many medical and analytical solution providers. With our development, manufacturing and lifecycle management processes, we are capable of complying with the regulations for medical devices and medical equipment defined by government institutes.


With its competencies and capabilities, NTS develops and manufactures a broad range of industrial systems. From automated production lines to test equipment and from vehicle detection systems to warehouse robotics. The goals and objectives are set at the start of each program. Our proven and transparent process flow includes mechanisms to make sure mismatches against the goals and objectives are discovered early in the process. This decreases iterations and the associated costs.

Industrial Solutions