Student Project - Additive Manufacturing

system design , (opto-) mechanics , precision mechanics , cleanliness en fatigue and test setup in Nijmegen

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NTS develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto-)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for large, high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs). As a first-tier systems supplier, we focus on companies active in markets with high levels of product diversity, low volumes and high complexity, such as the semiconductor, lifesciences and digital printing markets, in which precision, actuation in multiple degrees of freedom and cleanroom manufacturing are paramount.

What will you be doing

At NTS Development & Engineering (D&E) Nijmegen we have an ongoing project to expand the application field of Additive Manufacturing (AM), for which we regularly define additional content. Aim is to improve our knowledge in the field of AM and the ability to apply AM to boost the performance of precision equipment that we realize for our customers.

Towards students we offer the freedom to jointly shape the AM assignment to your preferred field of expertise. In general we offer the possibility to work within an (AM) manufacturing environment together with AM specialists.

Assignments are defined around an existing wafer inspection machine developed by NTS, and more specific, the wafer stage inside this machine. We have the following objectives in the ongoing AM project. Individual objectives can be individual student assignments

a)     Topology optimization for AM. Topology optimization in combination with extra parameters like the overhang angles and optimized lattices structures that accommodate the performance characteristics of the wafer stage.

b)     Investigate possibilities to improve cleanliness characteristics through different post processing technologies for Selective Laser Melting (SLM)  parts, supported by scientific literature study and via testing of samples

c)     Create more insight for the allowed stress levels for fatigue in leaf spring-like elements via literature study. Realize a leaf spring design for a Rx, Ry stage for the allowed stresses, including subsequent testing

d)     Investigate the minimum wall thickness for SLM water manifolds or cooling structures while being able to produce the parts without leaks or internal blockings. Study the possibilities of surface treatments to seal porous walls to prevent or seal leaks.

What skills do you have

  • These assignments vary from the skill level of a Mechatronics Bachelor graduation project for a student who has some affinity with AM  up to a TU master student internship/graduation project.
  • We can tailor the student project deliverables towards the requirements of your institute/university.
  • And we also encourage teams of 2 students to apply.
  • In general you are pro-active, eager to learn and a self-starter.

About Development & Engineering

Development & Engineering (co-) develops industrialized mechatronic and opto-mechatronic systems. These multi discipline machines require strong cooperation within D&E between the project members and our specialized manufacturing companies. This results in open and interactive work environment where you’re not bound to your own discipline and are encouraged to branch out. This way of working enables D&E to find a unique balance between complexity and project length that is desired in the analytical, semiconductor, life sciences, and digital printing industries.

Are you interested to execute (parts of) this project

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Je werkt bij één van de leidende toeleveranciers in de high tech industrie. Je bent bevlogen en betrokken bij je vakgebied, net als onze andere collega’s. Tegenover jouw passie en bevlogenheid voor je vakgebied zetten wij volop kansen en mogelijkheden om door te groeien.

Je wilt aan projecten werken die bijdragen aan de technologie van de toekomst. We zorgen er voor dat inhoudelijke projecten en werkzaamheden zo goed mogelijk gekoppeld zijn aan jouw kennis en vaardigheden. Zo helpen we jou en onze klanten om de toekomst te versnellen.

Je bent enthousiast om vakinhoudelijke- en competentiegerichte opleidingen en cursussen te volgen, zodat je jouw kennis en vaardigheden kunt blijven ontwikkelen op het gebied van innovatie, creativiteit, competentieontwikkeling en ondernemerschap.

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