NTS-Group Santa Clara is situated in the center of Silicon Valley, close to our strategic customers.
NTS wants to be involved at an early stage in new development and product/platform introductions of strategic customers in USA.

Resulting in:

  • lower cost price of customers’ product
  • easy acquisition of a supply chain
  • lower throughput times of a project
  • smooth transfer to price-competitive regions

A team of engineers is available to support the customer in developing new designs. A team may be located at a customer’s site, at the office in Santa Clara, at the headquarter of NTS Systems Development in Eindhoven or at production sites in Asia, or a combination of these locations.

Proto systems to validate a design will be produced locally in the USA at partners’ premises, in a proto build facility in the Netherlands or at production facilities in Asia. 

NTS-Group Santa Clara can give support and manage customer and NTS facilities with commercial and technical issues when needed. We also manage transfers from a US facility (at a customer or at a partner) to our NTS facility in Asia or Europe.

Contact information


1400 Coleman Avenue
Suite G27 Santa Clara, CA 95050

T: +1 408 669 6484