Optical systems is a very broad application area and play an ever increasing role in the semicon, analytical, medical and food markets. The combination of light sources, optical elements, precise positioning and image sensors enable sub-micron positioning and alignment, metrology, identification and classification using various technologies such as: laser triangulation, interferometry, diffraction and spectroscopic technologies using LED and/or laser light sources ranging from the EUV to NIR spectrum. The combination of optics, electronics, software and mechanics push the boundary of what is possible, allowing mind boggling applications in ever smaller dimensions enabling increased usability and lower cost.

Next to the already strong position of the use of optical systems for testing and metrology in the semiconductor and analytical markets, we see a strong market growth in Photonics, Life Science and Agri/Food.

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Our customer’s desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) was a project for which we were asked to develop the Navcam: a built-in navigation camera. The microscope has a very large sample chamber. Our customer wanted the user to be capable of overviewing the entire sample at first with the Navcam and then zoom into parts of it with the SEM. The SEM is an absolute high-quality product, so the camera needed to be of excellent quality as well.  In this whitepaper, you will ready how we managed to design, develop and produce this camera called Navcam. 

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Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs)

The trend in Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs) with multiple on-chip lasers and optical elements provides a challenge in how to bring the high number of optical streams on and off chip. Expensive RF connections will be replaced with optical connections. Sometimes photonics is regarded as the new electronics, where information is carried by photons instead of electrons. Although it is not expected photonics will fully replace electronics, we do see a strong growth and combination of electronics in photonic integrated circuits.




Life sciences

Lab on chip and bio chip technologies contributes to high quality diagnostics, even allowing for diagnostics where the patient stays at home. According to recent market studies around 85% of health systems and hospitals have invested or plan to invest in remote patient monitoring. Combined with our social needs, we expect a strong growth in remote diagnostic devices, IoT, big data and wearable medical technologies.


Agri and Food

The agri and food market is moving towards traceability, food safety and precision farming with agricultural robots where optical systems play a dominant role in the growth. The field robot market in the Netherlands is expected to grow with a whopping 31% CAGR in the period 2020-2030 according to a recent market study by the ABN AMRO. Sensors on robots enable crop inspection and soil condition monitoring. Precision farming uses technologies such as high-res optical sensors, structured and special lighting and Raman spectroscopy.


NTS Optel is there to help you to realize your goal (dream) from idea, concept design towards prototyping leading into series production.

NTS has all competences that these 3 markets ask for: a strong optical group, integration with mechatronics and a software group for the Big Data. NTS has over 35 years of experience, and a proven trackrecord in Semicon, Life Science and Agritech/Food, next to that NTS is participating in Photon Delta, several subsidy projects and the “High Tech Equipment aanpak voor AgriFood”.

In our specialism of optical systems, we have the follow competences:

  • Ray tracing for optical designs
  • All imaginable optical techniques:
    • Vision techniques
    • Laser triangulation, distance and 3D-measurement
    • Laser and white light interferometry
    • Laser diffraction
    • (Raman) Spectroscopy
  • From EUV, UV, visible, NIR to IR
  • Electronics design
  • Analog and digital electronics design
  • Embedded software
  • Design and build the mechanics
  • Implement software for processing, control and GUI
information in

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