Electron beam and Ion beam technologies are key drivers for new forms of microscopy and nanofabrication. Its potential to modify the physical, chemical, molecular and biological properties of materials and products far surpass light-based solutions.  As a result, e-beam and ion beam technologies are embraced by many leading OEMs as technologies for the future.

Next generation E-beam / Ion-beam systems

But manipulating beams of charged particles comes with particular set of design & manufacturing challenges.  NTS has an extensive track record in enabling OEM customers active in E-beam / Ion-beam to realize their next generation systems. NTS provides a forward-looking, balanced mix of design, material & process knowledge, and provides a wide range of facilities  to accomodate critical component manufacturing,  assembly and qualification processes.

Below you will find examples of key competences we have in-house that could help you in achieving full market potential and shortening time to market. 

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