The global market for industrial digital printing is huge and will only grow. There are more and more applications in production processes that can bring great benefits such as adding flexibility and reducing costs. However, creating concrete solutions for the high complexity, low volume, high mix markets is no sinecure. This is especially true for OEMs whose technological core doesn’t include digital printing. They find the maximum added value in NTS as a partner in the development, manufacturing and life cycle management of printers and modules.

Great opportunities in graphical, functional and 3D Printing

The digital printing projects at NTS are in different phases, from a first idea to the actual production of machines and modules. However, they are all born from the realization that digital graphic, functional and 3D print technology - as a stand alone application or process step - can bring substantial benefits. It allows you, for example, to achieve more flexibility in production processes and reduce costs by reducing the use of materials. But also think of adding functionality; creating entirely new applications and making production more sustainable. Of course, all those potential profits vary per case. But one thing is sure. Digital printing is going to turn entire high-tech value chains upside down, in the semicon, apparel industry, food, consumer electronics, et cetera. That means there are great opportunities for machine builders who bring this digital technology to those markets.

Application areas

The possibility of applying materials very accurately and with great flexibility, also in small production runs, leads to the replacement of traditional processes in various industries. You can color textiles with a printer instead of a paint bath. The semicon can use printing to deposit functional layers such as conductors or insulation. Printing an optical structure that is placed on TV screens makes it possible to switch between a 2D and 3D viewing experience. It is conceivable to replace cabling in cars with printed circuits on the bodywork. And the low-cost printing of dental prostheses not only gives a better result than the current casting process, but also enables decentralizing production.


Download our Digital printing whitepaper "Applying cutting-edge technology at industrial scale"

In recent years, digital printing has taken flight. Advances in inks and printing technology now allow for the application of functional printing in nearly every industry. In this whitepaper, Roger Paffen (Functional printing Expert) and Shahzad Khan (Senior Business Developer Digital Printing) share their vision on:

  • Developments within the digital printing market;
  • Functional printing and the importance of uptime and yield;
  • The JetFab platform as an advanced R&D and Pre-Production tool for industrial scale inkjet application;
  • Partnerships for developing, manufacturing and assembly of printing solutions;
  • The future of digital printing.



Digital printing revolution

"If you are talking about digital printing in the high-tech industry, it is justified to talk about a development that is still in its infancy. The printing of esthetic and functional layers offers a wide variety of application possibilities for various sectors. The same applies to all kinds of 3D printing applications. In practice however, you'll see these kind of new and promising applications still sparsely find their way to the market. In this respect, we are only at the beginning of the digital printing revolution."



- Wim Steenbergen, Business Manager Digital Printing at NTS

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