NTS expects increasing demand for complex systems and modules due to global population growth, an ageing world population, but also because of the growing prosperity of rich countries. The analytical markets require high-technology solutions and knowledge. This fits seamlessly with the core competencies of NTS. Due to our high standard of quality and ultra-precision and our development, manufacturing and lifecycle management processes, we are partner of many suppliers of analytical solutions.

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Our customer’s desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) was a project for which we were asked to develop the Navcam: a built-in navigation camera. The microscope has a very large sample chamber. Our customer wanted the user to be capable of overviewing the entire sample at first with the Navcam and then zoom into parts of it with the SEM. The SEM is an absolute high-quality product, so the camera needed to be of excellent quality as well.  In this whitepaper, you will ready how we managed to design, develop and produce this camera called Navcam. 

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