NTS has 25+ years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and assembly of customized inkjet printer or printer modules in different market segments namely graphical printing, functional printing and 3D/additive manufacturing. NTS strategically focuses on OEMs who see opportunities in realizing digital printing solutions, but do not have the sufficient knowledge and experience in-house to do so, can benefit optimally from the services of NTS. You can find our printing track record below.

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Creating added value

"NTS wants to add maximum value to ensure success. To achieve this we also see complementarity and entering into a long-term relationship as an important prerequisite. NTS ideally seeks involvement in the entire creation process, from the initial idea and development, to component manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and service. This fits our company as a highly vertically integrated organization that has everything under one roof. In addition, our projects usually entail creating first of a kind solutions in digital printing. These are new products that need to be brought from a concept to a reliable technology and robust implementation in high speed and high throughput 24/7 production processes. And that requires a multitude of specific knowledge and competences, multidisciplinary and experience as a system integrator."

- Shahzad Khan, Strategic Business Developer Digital Printing at NTS


Download our Digital printing whitepaper "Transition from analogue to digital printing"

In the domain of graphical printing, changing consumer demand drives digital printing innovation from one market to the next. When developments, seemingly suddenly, arrive at a tipping point for a specific market, OEM and manufacturers are often scrambling to respond. There is tremendous opportunity for visionary companies to significantly change their trajectory in these times of change. New products and customization options become possible when such a technological shift occurs. In this whitepaper, our graphical printing experts discuss:

  • the transition from analogue to digital printing in the graphical market;
  • the increasing number of applications of digital graphical printing;
  • our PrintStation as a solution to transition from analogue to digital printing;
  • a case study of integrating the PrintStation in an analogue printing line.

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Graphical printing track record

Download our Digital printing whitepaper "Applying cutting-edge technology at industrial scale"

In recent years, digital printing has taken flight. Advances in inks and printing technology now allow for the application of functional printing in nearly every industry. In this whitepaper, our functional printing experts share their vision on:

  • Developments within the digital printing market;
  • Functional printing and the importance of uptime and yield;
  • The JetFab platform as an advanced R&D and Pre-Production tool for industrial scale inkjet application;
  • Partnerships for developing, manufacturing and assembly of printing solutions;
  • The future of digital printing.

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Functional printing track record

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing track record


Digital printing revolution

"If you are talking about digital printing in the high-tech industry, it is justified to talk about a development that is still in its infancy. The printing of esthetic and functional layers offers a wide variety of application possibilities for various sectors. The same applies to all kinds of 3D printing applications. In practice however, you'll see these kind of new and promising applications still sparsely find their way to the market. In this respect, we are only at the beginning of the digital printing revolution."



- Wim Steenbergen, Business Manager Digital Printing at NTS

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