NTS solutions to optimize the product design for manufacturability and life-cycle management



60 years of experience in high tech development, manufacturing & assembly, covering the widest range of precision manufacturing technologies

Proven processes for industrialization, optimization of supply chains, and specific processes for Value Engineering and DfX

Engineering and supply chain teams to challenge your design, driving long-term manufacturability and profitability for your market





Why do we believe your costs are important?

In the global competition, international OEMs need to focus resources on innovation. NTS acts on this need by providing manufacturing & production services, and engineering services that enable and support cost effective manufacturing over the product’s life-cycle. Therefore, Industrialisation, Value Engineering and Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Costs (DfX) is a key proposition of NTS towards its constumers.

What do we offer?

Building on its manufacturing knowledge, NTS offers industrialization engineering, value engineering, and DfX services.

  • Industrialization: develop your prototype, proof-of-concept or first generation equipment ready for series production; optimize supply chains and exploit the advantages of the NTS worldwide footprint in Europe and Asia

  • Value Engineering: a structured effort to challenge requirements and design, to optimize the product manufacturing costs towards the customer’s market demands

  • DfX: NTS input knowledge to support your design process with Design for Manufacturability, Assembly and Cost 

Results – what can you expect?

Value Engineering without design changes (requirements and specifications untouched),
focusing on quick wins and logistics only, unilateral NTS


Value Engineering with design changes, bilateral project in co-operation mode


Value Engineering & DfX at design start, full co-operation mode


Track record examples


a typical customer request


"Competition in our market has strongly increased in recent years. Where formerly we could rely on technical leadership, competitors have brought similar systems to the market, forcing us into large investments in new technology. But for sure we cannot neglect costs anymore as a key parameter for our products…” 

  • "Manufacturing knowledge should be brought to the attention of the designers at an early stage"


  • “We should organize the input from suppliers"


  • “The business case should be solid for any effort to reduce long-term costs"
  •  "We should also consider some performance increases during re-design"


  • “Can you help to organize all that…?"


frequently asked questions



How do we get to a fitting business model for cost reduction efforts?

Costs are key. So this also holds for any business case for non-recurring engineering efforts, both at customer and NTS side. NTS supports various transparent business models for cost and revenue sharing that can be adapted to the situation at hand.   

How do we get started?

After the first outlines of the project have been drafted and agreed, our favorite way is work closely with the customer in on site pressure cooker sessions to work towards the target costs. NTS helps to set this up.

How do we deal with design decisions and IP?

Typically, for existing systems, design decisions and IP will reside at the customer. NTS has infrastructure to protect customer IP. NTS will drive the project with design reports, feasibility studies, prototyping, testing and validation. For new systems, a different role play may be agreed.

What’s the role play between us and NTS?

NTS is specialised in developing and manufacturing of small series of high complex systems; customers have market and product knowledge, and ‘own’ the requirements. NTS helps to organize and drive the project, to arrange input knowledge from manufacturing and suppliers in work sessions, and will support the rapid implementation of design ideas.

How can I expect NTS to deliver within my specialized field and competences?

Although being specialized in designing and manufacturing high complex systems, we found that the value engineering processes can be applied to any area of engineering. A joint value engineering team, covering all engineering and supply chain expertise, is very effective in realizing the cost and performance targets. Our track record also shows this expertise is seamlessly integrated in the joint value engineering team.




  • Structured, embedded approach

  • First hand knowledge of relevant precision manufacturing processes

  • Domain knowledge in semicon, printing, aerospace

  • Track record

  • Experienced in setting up projects while maintaining production

  • Experienced in business cases and business models

  • Adaptive to customer design processes



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