With system assembly locations in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China and Singapore, we assemble your products where it makes the most sense for you. You have the flexibility to change the manufacturing location when required. All of the systems assembly locations within NTS are specialized in assembling low-volume, high-complex products with a high mix of product diversity.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Designing and building a functional prototype is one thing. Making sure that the final product can be built, repeatedly, in the same quality and at the right cost is a completely different story. NTS has decades of experience in bringing new products to market. Based on your Design for X (DfX) requirements, NTS design and production engineers, as well as supply chain and logistics specialists, work closely together to provide you with a product that matches your product requirements and can be manufactured to meet your total cost of ownership targets. 



Series Assembly

With system assembly locations around the world, NTS provides you with the flexibility to produce where it makes sense for you. The NTS assembly locations focus on the assembly of complex, low-volume products with a varied mix of technologies. During the systems assembly process, NTS tracks key performance indicators (KPI). Based on these indicators, NTS optimizes the assembly process with your product lifecycle requirements in mind. During the assembly process, NTS not only takes responsibility for product assembly, but also deals with the supply chain and logistics.

Cleanroom Assembly

We see a clear upward trend in the number of applications that require a clean environment. Not only in the semiconductor space, but also increasingly in the medical and analytical space. Key is to determine at an early stage that cleanliness is a requirement and what grade of cleanliness is required. NTS has a wealth of experience when it comes to cleanliness, from design, through prototype builds, to series production. Across NTS we have clean rooms ranging from grade 5 to 8.



Prototype Assembly

When building a prototype, quality and speed of execution are extremely important. NTS has a facility that is specialized in building prototypes. This location maintains its own precision mechanical and electrical engineering model shop. NTS is able to carry out prototype and one-off projects completely internally: the true one-stop-shop principle. This service is of benefit to you in many ways, such as practical manufacturability and significantly shorter lead times. A prototype project is carried out in close collaboration with you. The NTS prototype project methodology includes various milestones and review moments to ensure that you remain well-informed throughout the entire process.

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