Vacuum column, stage system engineering and acoustic enclosures


NTS is a development & production partner that is experienced in delivering high-end e-beam systems and modules to market. NTS is specialised in embedding new electron optical designs into mechanical/mechatronical modules that comply with the specifications of use.  Examples are the design of vibration free vacuum systems, mechanical design of electron optical devices, and contamination-proof support structures and stages. Also think of manipulators and mechanical feedthroughs (for vacuum) and processes under cryogenic conditions. In its designs, NTS builds on its advanced materials and manufacturing knowledge, e.g. for mu metal and heat treatments.

The world of high-tech machine builders is extremely competitive. Their success is exceedingly dependent on their ability to realize quality, cost effectiveness and short lead times in bringing new technology to series production. Outsourcing system architecting can contribute significantly in achieving that.

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