NTS’ approach to System Architecting


NTS’ System Architects are highly specialized men and women who are able to lead the development of cutting-edge modules and full-fledged systems by orchestrating multidisciplinary fields such as precision mechanics, mechatronics, dynamics and control, electronics, optics, cleanliness design, software and manufacturability/DfX. In this increasingly collaborative process  the NTS team, led by the System Architect, is working with customers to translate their sometimes conflicting requirements in functionality, timing, and budget into agreed specifications to realize concept, design and prototype before moving on to pilot and volume production.

Our customers are front-runners in their field and need to focus on their unique competences and application knowledge. NTS enables them to keep that focus while we drive the development of their newest modules and equipment. For these customers, innovations is only possible if they keep pushing the boundaries of physics and increase their control over the technology. This leads to the development of increasingly complex systems where not all requirements are known at the start, and that requires a wider variety of disciplines or expertise. It is ever more difficult for customers to have all the required knowledge in-house.

System architecting

By working with NTS Development & Engineering , customers can focus on the development of their core products, technologies and processes. They are working directly with our System Architects to ensure that any implication or uncertainty in the customers development is tackled in parallel in the product development the NTS team is pursuing.

Leading domain expertise in precision mechanics, mechatronics and cleanliness

We provide leading expertise from a broad range of disciplines, such as precision mechanics, mechatronics, material science, cleanliness design, dynamics and control, optics, electronics, software and our manufacturing and assembly knowledge.

We can also often apply solutions and our experiences from other markets to the problem at hand. Any missing knowledge we obtain from our partner network. Therefore we can  minimize the time-to-prototype, hence time-to-market for our customers. Of course, this requires an intense collaboration between NTS and customer, which we call co-development.

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Download our whitepaper "Dynamic system architecture for Nearfield’s Quadra"

NTS supported Nearfield Instruments with developments for their launching platform for high throughput scanning probe microscopy, the Quadra. The assignment was to contribute to some critical modules in the Quadra architecture phase, together with other suppliers, to turn Nearfield’s proof of principle into an industrial system that can runs autonomously in a semiconductor fab. In this whitepaper, we discuss the dynamical architecture of the system to enable both high throughput and very low noise measurements to measure the smallest details with the AFMs.

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NTS practice of co-development

To make co-development a success, mutual understanding and a high level of trust is required. Communication is the enabler for this, therefore we invest in multi-level communication, from management to the engineer. This ensures the complete team is aligned on purpose and primary requirements and simplifies the handling  of expanding scope or changes to the technical solution at a later stage.

Key advantages:

  • Both customer and supplier are really working together toward one goal
  • Because of their more active involvement, the customer has a greater certainty of getting the right product in the given time and budget. OEM have greater control over the results of a project, ensuring the best possible market or organizational fit.
  • Increased flexibility for the customer and agility to tackle new challenges and opportunities
  • Best customer experience, customer can focus on its core process development while working together with leading experts on the product
  • Faster development process. For cutting edge application development, this approach results in a faster time to market.
  • This approach is scalable and can be used from scale-ups to large OEM’s.
  • Open work method is great for team morale and motivation for both the project team members at customer and at NTS

Our system architects

Our system architects focus on new systems development. They convert functionality, specifications and interfaces into a comprehensive design. Then our team translates the design into qualitative and cost-efficient manufacturing processes. The most complex systems and modules require a system architect to review the translation of the module’s functionalities into requirements.

Outsourcing system architecture

OEM’s who concentrate on technology development, benefit from outsourcing system architecting. A partnership with NTS provides them with strategic integration and execution of agreed product roadmaps. Then we can improve their competitive advantage in the market, by reducing time to market and costs, while increasing quality and performance.

Meet one of our system architects

Rens van den Braber of NTS division Development & Engineering, is one of our system architects. In his blog, he explains the basic concepts, challenges and opportunities of outsourcing system architecture. In high-tech industries, the technology is complex and the need for a short time to market always creates an enormous pressure. 

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