Rapid prototyping and tooling – enabling short times to market and efficient learning curves 



At NTS we develop and manufacture precision equipment for semiconductor, analytical, medical and industrial markets. The development of this equipment typically includes the realization of functional models and prototypes, which potentially lead to pilot- and volume production. Also, a variety of supportive equipment and tools may be needed to successful market delivery.

Prototyping and tooling activities at NTS get special attention, as these products have a specific set of specifications, costs and time to market criteria. As an example, it may be less relevant to set up a supply chain to deliver multiple instances of the product during multiple years. Also, engineers who develop the prototypes are also strongly involved in the realization of the prouct up to and including delivery and post-sales support to the customer. This way, we consolidate all learnings and put them to maximum use.

“Next to high-mix manufacturing, NTS is also your partner to deliver rapid prototyping and tools, enabling short times to market and efficient learning curves.”

- Bart Klaver, Prototyping Eindhoven

Tooling example

A transport tool needed to transport delicate opto-mechanical assemblies. Handling and transporting such assemblies poses challenging requirements with respect to vibration insulation and shock suppression. In some applications, the transport tool also has to preserve an ultra-clean pressure stabilized temperature stabilized mini-environment. Read more about our cleanliness competences:

Cleanliness competences

Prototyping example

A complex mechatronic machine, being a test tool, including hardware and software, in use in the factories of our customers to qualify products while being manufactured.  Learn more about our competences, which together with our prototyping expertise resulted in this successful project.

MECHATRONICS competences  SOFTWARE & Control competences 

Time to market and fast lane suppliers

Depending on time to market requirements, we are able to make use of dedicated fast lane 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers. We take care of product documentation to enable future requests for repeat-orders, legislation such as CE approval and enable future service activities, either by NTS or our customer itself.

Discover our product compliance expertise:

Product compliance expertise

Industrialization, Value engineering and DfX

In case of a prototype, where already a plan might exist for future volume manufacturing, the approach is tuned for such purpose. NTS contributes industrialization, value engineering and DfX aspects, such as manufacturability and supply chain for the product. This can be implemented via early involvement of NTS engineers from our manufacturing sites as well as highly trained and experienced product designers.

Learn more about our industrialization, value engineering and DfX competences:

industrialization, value engineering and DfX competences

What do we offer?

NTS provides prototyping and product solutions that meet your specific required mix of performance, time to market and product cost criteria.

NTS prototyping and product solutions are targeted to your application and business case. This is achieved by:

  • Balancing needs regarding specification, time to market, cost and insights regarding future volume manufacturing into a customer specific solution and project plan.
  • Direct involvement of NTS designers when realizing verification prototypes to early detect and solve possible manufacturing issues
  • Direct involvement of NTS engineers from manufacturing sites in case of foreseen volume production
  • Dedicated and fast lane 2nd and 3rd tier supplier network if required for time to market reasons

What can you expect?

  • Dedicated and experienced teams of prototyping and realization designers, able to deal with the specific nature of these projects, such as time to market.
  • A network of 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers supporting NTS in this specific business
  • Direct access to NTS Development & Engineering capacity and Manufacturing sites for support or participation in prototyping and tooling projects.
  • Dedicated prototyping and cleanroom facilities at various NTS sites, globally.

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