Product Compliance integrated in the design process



The complexity of high-tech systems has increased enormously over the past decades. Machines need to function more and more efficiently and accurately, and ensure a high uptime and yield. The interaction between people and systems, but also between systems themselves, is now more important than ever. With that in mind, product compliance (also known as product conformity) ensures the safety of all these processes. As a result of the growing complexity of machines and systems, product compliance has also reached a new level. NTS unburdens its customers by already including the safety requirements for the customer's machines in the development process, thus ensuring no redesign will be needed at the end of a development process.


"NTS provides product compliance as an integrated part of a project and thus prevents redesign, additional costs and loss of time-to-market"

- Coen Verkuyl, Product Compliance Officer at NTS

Safety requirements

Today's high-tech machines must comply with numerous different safety requirements. These include:

  • Human safety: Safety for the user;
  • Machine safety: Safety systems that protect the machine against consequential damage if a component in the machine no longer functions;
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC): to prevent electromagnetic interference in or between systems;
  • Country-specific safety requirements, for example UL standards for fire safety in the United States;
  • Market-specific safety requirements, such as SEMI standards for the semiconductor industry.

Product compliance & time-to-market

NTS incorporates product compliance into product development right from the first draft of a machine design. This relieves customers of having to map out all the risks, amending the design to those and making all the necessary documentation available. The chance of needing to redesign is thus prevented, and with it additional costs and loss of valuable time-to-market.

That's why product compliance specialists are always part of the project team. They implement processes to ensure the project team makes the right design decisions at the right moments and records information for future product certification. This results in a machine design with an extremely efficient final certification (possibly by a so-called Notified Body).

What do we offer in the area of product compliance?

NTS offers product compliance as an integral part of product development. The customer-oriented solutions of NTS are tailored to your specific application and business operation, such as a short time-to-market. We enable this through:

  • Knowledge building, assurance and sharing of product compliance in a dedicated Product Compliance Competence Team;
  • Active monitoring of market developments in the areas of directives and standards (CE, UL, CSA, etc.);
  • Subscription memberships with various standardisation organisations including NEN, SEMI, etc. This gives us access to the most recent and applicable standards;
  • Procedures, templates and checklists, which we ensure are available in the design process;
  • Internal training and education of engineers;
  • Identification of required guidelines and standards, which we incorporate directly in the design process.

What can you expect?

  • A team of product compliance officers who have practical experience with relevant guidelines and standards;
  • Product compliance as part of our development process;
  • Delivery of a design with a construction file that enables customers to issue a CE declaration of conformity on their products;
  • Support and guidance for non-European approvals such as UL, CSA, etc.;
  • By working closely with several selected external inspection bodies, the team can be involved early on in the process where necessary;
  • EMC measurements can partly be done in-house. Where this isn't possible, or is not permitted based on the applicable standards, NTS has direct access to a number of external laboratories, so that we can respond quickly.

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