Customized Industrial Inkjet Printers or printer modules

 NTS provides in-house development and manufacturing


Short time to market by using proven building blocks and fast lane proto production

Low total cost of ownership by using proven building blocks, volume production and global footprint

Risk mitigation by industrial scale InkJet process validation


Why is NTS your partner for customized inkjet systems?


What do we offer?

  • All-In-One providing - Development, manufacturing & life cycle management of printers and modules.
  • Core (opto-) mechatronics technologies to develop high speed and high accuracy printers.
  • Established partnership with printhead manufacturer, ink  and process development companies.
  • Industrial scale process validation facility that in addition allows translation from process to printer requirements.


Download our Digital printing whitepaper "Applying cutting-edge technology at industrial scale"

In recent years, digital printing has taken flight. Advances in inks and printing technology now allow for the application of functional printing in nearly every industry. In this whitepaper, Roger Paffen (Functional printing Expert) and Shahzad Khan (Senior Business Developer Digital Printing) share their vision on:

  • Developments within the digital printing market;
  • Functional printing and the importance of uptime and yield;
  • The JetFab platform as an advanced R&D and Pre-Production tool for industrial scale inkjet application;
  • Partnerships for developing, manufacturing and assembly of printing solutions;
  • The future of digital printing.



Our track record


NTS has 25+ years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and assembly of customized inkjet printer or printer modules in different market segments namely graphical printing, functional printing and 3D/additive manufacturing.



Our printer building blocks approach

NTS developed modular printer building blocks. Examples are:

NTS Whitepaper JetClean

NTS Whitepaper JetBar

NTS Whitepaper JetFab

NTS Whitepaper Digital printing building blocks


Why NTS?

  • 25+ years of experience in developing, producing and servicing state-of-the-art digital printers.
  • Printer building blocks portfolio for short time to market and low total cost of ownership
  • Cross-pollination from semiconductor equipment technologies to printing technologies – Motion, System Dynamics & inspection system.
  • ‘Fast lane’ prototype production for time-to-test (concept, product or market)
  • Global production and assembly footprint.
  • Customized’ Business Models for different customers. 


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