We use our technological know-how, expertise and experience to excel in the production of complex metal, granite or hybrid frames and cabinets, and complex machined components and modules for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity markets such as semiconductor, analytical and health.

When building highly complex mechatronic products, selecting the right partners in the supply chain is crucial. NTS goes one step further. For many of these critical components, NTS does not want to depend on external suppliers and produces these components in-house. This brings huge advantages during product development as well as system assembly.

Download our whitepaper "Frames and enclosures: Dealing with shorter technology lifecycles and increasing requirements"

Multinational OEMs and scale-up companies in high-tech industries like semicon and the analytical market are facing a variety of challenges. System requirements and therefore complexity increase in order to achieve higher throughput and accuracy. In parallel, market forces dictate a shorter technology lifecycle and increased pressure on total cost of ownership.

In this whitepaper, which is the result of our extensive track record in frames and enclosures for semicon, analytical and life sciences, three of NTS’ experts discuss:

  • the added value of selecting the right co-engineering and manufacturing partner
  • their Frames and Enclosure expertise
  • how our processes, capabilities and investments are aimed at reducing time to market, cost of ownership and risks for our global customer base.

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