Customized industrial digital printing solutions for the semiconductor, analytical and health market



NTS has 25+ years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and assembly of customized printing solutions in different market segments namely functional printing and 3D/additive manufacturing. NTS strategically focuses on OEMs who see opportunities in realizing digital printing technology for the semiconductor, analytical or health market, but do not have the sufficient knowledge and experience in-house to do so, can benefit optimally from the services of NTS. You can find our printing track record below.




Creating added value

"NTS wants to add maximum value to ensure success. To achieve this we also see complementarity and entering into a long-term relationship as an important prerequisite. NTS ideally seeks involvement in the entire creation process, from the initial idea and development, to component manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and service. This fits our company as a highly vertically integrated organization that has everything under one roof. In addition, our projects usually entail creating first of a kind solutions in digital printing. These are new products that need to be brought from a concept to a reliable technology and robust implementation in high speed and high throughput 24/7 production processes. And that requires a multitude of specific knowledge and competences, multidisciplinary and experience as a system integrator."



Our industrial printing track record in semicon, analytical and health


NTS has 25+ years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and assembly of digital printing technology for the semiconductor, analytical or health market. We are strong in functional printing and 3D printing/additive manufacturing.


Functional printing track record

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing track record

NTS has been actively focusing its efforts on Additive Manufacturing (AM, also known as 3D printing) since 2013, with the aim of meeting these improvement requirements and creating new designs that actually increase the functionality of a machine.

Learn more about additive manufacturing competences.

Additive manufacturing technology


What do we offer?

  • All-In-One providing - Development, manufacturing & life cycle management of printing solutions.
  • Core (opto-) mechatronics competences to develop high speed and high accuracy printing technology.
  • Established partnership with printhead manufacturer, ink  and process development companies.
  • Industrial scale process validation facility that in addition allows translation from process to printer requirements.


Why is NTS your partner for customized inkjet systems?

  • 25+ years of experience in developing, producing and servicing state-of-the-art digital printing technology
  • Track record in time to market and low total cost of ownership
  • ‘Fast lane’ prototype production for time-to-test (concept, product or market)
  • Global production and assembly footprint.

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