(Co-)Development and industrialization of (opto-)mechatronic systems

Over the past 25 years, NTS has developed and accumulated skills, capabilities and know-how to develop and manufacture precision systems for the high-tech industry. This vast experience enables Development & Engineering to deliver cost effective solutions that drive our customers’ competitive edge, enabling short time to market: first time right, integrating production, assembly and life cycle management. Our customers operate in various industries, such as semiconductor, analytical and health.

Development & Engineering is well-positioned to (co-)develop and industrialize (opto-)mechatronic systems that are critical to our customers. Our passion, focus, competencies, development processes and strong cooperation with our specialized manufacturing companies enable a short time to market and a high level of quality..

As Development & Engineering has a very strong link with the NTS (global) manufacturing companies we can also support the full lifecycle of the customer product, e.g. by driving cost-down activities and providing manufacturing engineering support.

Development & Engineering focuses its efforts on a number of propositions that are key to its customer’s success. These propositions are described in more detail below.

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