NTS solutions for specifying, designing, building and testing the dedicated mechatronic positioning systems you need.



Fast Time to Market
Scalable teams, leveraging design experience and re-use of NTS modules; parallel build-up of volume production capabilities

Lowest Cost of Ownership
Exploit DFM&A in partnership with vertically integrated NTS manufacturing divisions;
global footprint allows lower cost manufacturing roadmaps in Europe and Asia

Positioning performance
D&E design experience together with proprietary simulation tools allows NTS to design stages and positioning solutions that meet your specific speed, accuracy and reliability needs

Scalable Positioning Systems for Minimal Time to Market and low cost

Today’s demand in positioning performance of substrates exceed those of readily available stages in which X&Y-motions are stacked on top of each other. A next step in performance can typically be achieved with the so called H-bridge design in which two Y-actuators position the X-actuator. This design requires close integration with the surrounding system. This makes H-bridge stages typically application specific and increases the development time which impacts NRE and time to market.

In this onepager, we describe how our scalable positioning systems reduce time to market and costs.

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As your partner, NTS combines system architecture design, prediction and validation of system dynamics and design for cleanliness.

What we offer?

NTS provides customized and innovative positioning solutions that meet your specific required mix of cost and performance criteria, without the compromised trade offs imposed by standard off the shelf solutions

NTS unique solutions are targeted to your application and business case. This is achieved by:

  • Balancing the needs on accuracy, throughput and allowable vibrations with costs for your application;
  • We master position accuracy, speed, accelerations, deformations, vibrations, thermal drift, cryogenics, cleanliness, acoustic sensitivity so that we are able to supply motion platform solution you need.

Our solutions are tailored to 'just enough' performance and cost for your business case!


What can you expect?

  • Design experience from small (nano meter) to large (meters) positioners
  • Domain specific design recommendations for performance, cost and time to market
  • Use of performance modelling software for early assessment of design options
  • One stop shopping: rapid prototyping to accelerate learning and validate assumptions
  • One stop shopping: Seamless transition to production, a.o.
    • DfX input from in-house manufacturing and assembly divisions
    • Optional parallel optimization of manufacturing and assembly processes, including in house Value Engineering expertise within the development process
    • Cost road maps that include lower cost manufacturing and assembly regions, local for local:
      • Czech Republic
      • Singapore
      • China 

Download our whitepaper "Design and identification of a thermal actuator"

In today's positioning systems, especially semiconductor processing and inspection equipment, move and settle times have to be short to enable high throughput. Jitter values during standstill have to be low to achieve good positioning performance and process quality. In this whitepaper, our experts:


  • aimed to find the limitations in actuation speed of a commonly used thermal actuator style
  • did a second iteration to obtain a relatively fast but accurate system. 

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Track record examples


A typical customer request

  • “We need a stage for a semicon application under very specific environmental conditions, can you help?
  • “We think we are on or over the edge of what can be achieved with current manufacturing techniques, can you help to design something that is still feasible?"
  • “Can you also do parts of the software?”
  • “Our customers for this system are in Asia, how can we best set-up the design and manufacturing process”

What are your requirements?




Frequently asked questions

What performance or move parameters are you familiar with?

Physical volume constraints, position accuracy, vibration isolation, speed, settling time acoustic sensitivity, low jitter, power management and heat dissipation, thermal drift, reaction forces.

What are the typical dimensions of you systems?

We cover all sizes from a few millimeters to several meters; common motion platforms are from 50mm to 3m in size.

How can we best align on requirements?

We recommend an early “definition phase” of the project where we sit “under one roof”, at your site or at an NTS location. By applying pressure cooker methods we can quickly converge to a shared set of requirements that we put under change control.

Are you familiar with vacuum or high voltage design?

For Vacuum design we have great deal of experience and we have competency teams specifically focused on design for cleanliness and vacuum. High voltage is a recurring component in the design and assembly of many life science and semiconductor products.

If we work with you in the design, are we required to manufacture with NTS?

Once the design is complete, the technical IP belongs to the client and this can then be manufactured at the client’s supplier of choice, so, no you are not locked in to NTS manufacturing. Naturally having included DfX input from our NTS-companies into the designs and bearing in mind our international manufacturing and assembly footprint we believe that NTS would be the natural choice for manufacturing and assembly.

What’s the role play between us and NTS?

NTS is specialized in developing and manufacturing of small series of high complex systems; customers have market and product knowledge, and ‘own’ the requirements. NTS helps to organize and drive the project, to arrange input knowledge from manufacturing and suppliers in work sessions, and will support the rapid implementation of design ideas.

I can buy off the shelf stages for much less, why would I go for your solution?

NTS is specialized for custom positioning solutions where off the shelf-solutions cannot deliver one or more critical performance criteria.

Why is your rapid prototyping capability important?

Critical performance criteria solutions can be confirmed through rapid in-house prototyping and allowing quick design iterations to converge to a final solution.


Why NTS?

  • Scalable capacity, ~180fte engineering
  • Extensive mechatronics skill set
  • Domain experience
  • Reusable knowledge and building Blocks. E.g. in software & motion control libraries for design qualification
  • Value Engineering + DfX and direct link to manufacturing
  • Value Engineering and DFX leads to ’just enough’ engineering
  • Global footprint for manufacturing & assembly
  • Rapid prototyping NTS in house leading to rapid verification & validation cycles

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