We use our technological know-how, expertise and experience to excel in the production of complex metal, granite or hybrid frames and cabinets, and complex machined components and modules for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity markets such as the semiconductor, analytical, life sciences and digital printing sectors.

When building highly complex mechatronic products, selecting the right partners in the supply chain is crucial. NTS goes one step further. For many of these critical components, NTS does not want to depend on external suppliers and produces these components in-house. This brings huge advantages during product development as well as system assembly.

High Precision Components

With unwavering dedication to innovation and no-nonsense entrepreneurship, our company is one of the few in the world that can guarantee accuracy of (less than) one-thousandth of a millimeter and it is known as a company that perseveres where others would give up.

NTS is capable of machining high-precision components of a broad range of materials, such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum (also RSA-443), Titanium (up to Grade 6), Tool steel, Copper, Brass, Plastic and Composites.

We offer a broad range of state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities such as ultra-precision machining (milling, turning, measuring, wire and sink erosion, polishing) and joining techniques such as vacuum soldering and dip brazing.



High Precision Frames & Cabinets

When building high-tech precision equipment, high-precision frames and guiding systems are critical.

NTS has sheet metal capabilities such as laser cutting, sheet bending and welding, in Stainless Steel, Regular Steel and Aluminum. Our specialists are capable of constructing the most accurate frames and cabinets using the latest technology.

High Precision Granite

When building high-tech precision equipment, high-precision frames and guiding systems are critical. Granite is often used to reach the required stability or flatness. NTS designs and manufactures these granite components up to 7 x 2.5 meters in-house. 

The combination of steel and granite material brings the possibility of hybrid frame technology. Large size milling, gluing various components together and assembling with air bearings make up one of the unique selling points.


High Precision Surface Finishing

NTS has a very broad range of surface finishing capabilities in-house. To mention a few: powder coating, two-component paints, air-drying paints, baked enamelling, water-based paints and specials like conductive coatings. 

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