Cleanliness as a state of mind


The success of developing and manufacturing complex modules and machines for high-tech OEMs is determined by ever stricter demands for cleanliness. As a consequence NTS regards contamination control as a core competence. It invests heavily in generating relevant knowledge and the necessary equipment, and applying these in development and manufacturing processes for customers. In doing so the bar is set high, not only in regard to the present needs for cleanliness, but also those of the years to come. 

Meet our Cleanliness Competence Team

About three years ago NTS established its Cleanliness Competence Team (CCT) in order to build up, secure and archive cleanliness competence and to set design guidelines. Although contamination control had been a natural part of a lot of projects within the enterprise, this marked the official recognition of cleanliness as a core competence that had to be embedded in all layers of the organization.

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