High precision cabinets



High Precision Cabinets

When building high-tech precision equipment, high-precision cabinet are of importance too. NTS has sheet metal capabilities such as laser cutting, sheet bending and welding, in Stainless Steel, Regular Steel and Aluminum. Our specialists are capable of constructing the most accurate frames and cabinets using the latest technology.

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Multinational OEMs and scale-up companies in high-tech industries like semicon and the analytical market are facing a variety of challenges. System requirements and therefore complexity increase in order to achieve higher throughput and accuracy. In parallel, market forces dictate a shorter technology lifecycle and increased pressure on total cost of ownership.

In this whitepaper, which is the result of our extensive track record in frames and enclosures for semicon, analytical and life sciences, three of NTS’ experts discuss:

  • the added value of selecting the right co-engineering and manufacturing partner
  • their Frames and Enclosure expertise
  • how our processes, capabilities and investments are aimed at reducing time to market, cost of ownership and risks for our global customer base.

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High Precision Surface Finishing

NTS has a very broad range of surface finishing capabilities in-house. To mention a few: powder coating, two-component paints, air-drying paints, baked enamelling, water-based paints and specials like conductive coatings. Learn more about our high-end finishing solutions here: 

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Download our whitepaper "Premium surface and technical coatings for high-end applications"

For years, coatings were used primarily to prevent corrosion or wear and generally improve the appeal of products and components. Selecting the appropriate coating was a step often taken at the very end of the development process and was usually a straightforward choice: what is the material of my substrate and what look and feel do I want? But the increased application of plastics in a wide variety of markets, and technical requirements becoming more challenging, we have seen demand for so-called technical coatings grow significantly. Such coatings can add specific characteristics to products and/or allow for significant product innovation.

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