NTS helps to accelerate the innovations of her customers by developing, manufacturing of ultraprecise components, frames and cabinets and assembly of (opto-)mechatronics systems and mechanical modules. Further down this page you will find our core competences, tailored to and filtered on your requested competence type or one of our technological areas of expertise, being optical systems and modules, E and I beam, advanced motion systems and digital printing. 

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Our technological areas of expertise

Digital printing

The global market for industrial digital printing is huge and will only grow. There are more and more applications in production processes that can bring great benefits such as adding flexibility and reducing costs. However, creating concrete solutions for the high complexity, low volume, high mix markets is no sinecure. This is especially true for OEMs whose technological core doesn’t include digital printing. They find the maximum added value in NTS as a partner in the development, manufacturing and life cycle management of printers and modules.

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E/I beam technology

E-beam & Ion beam applications are rapidly expanding​, systems become even more and more complex​ and the accuracy levels are moving towards pico meter​. The optimization and automation around sample preparation and more complex structures in semiconductor markets require e-beam technologies. NTS has broad experience in technology related to electron and or ion beam equipment incorperating all peripherial parts such as loaders, cryo, vacuum control and vacuum motion, including high voltage and elctro-magnetic behaviour.

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Optical systems and modules

Our unique combination of optics, software, electronics and mechanical expertise set helps OEM’s in the Semiconductor, Analytical & Lifesciences sectors that want to design, develop, manufacture customized high precision end-to-end optical measurement and testing solutions and opto-mechatronic modules at speed. We do this by unlocking the engineering creativity of our multidisciplinary team and fit for purpose project processes to ensure resilient best fit optical measurement and testing solutions and opto-mechatronic modules for customers. This leads to a faster time-to-market and continuous on time delivery for our customers.

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Advanced motion systems

We develop, assemble, manufacture and qualify positioning systems by balancing performance, cost, servicability and manufacturability. Our leading mechatronic system architects use smart building blocks and in-depth manufacturing knowledge to achieve the optimal solution.​Our track record covers vacuum stages​, small footprint, high performance​ and integrated machine stages.

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