Student Project Assignment | Fusion of Test Data with Customer Data

Data Analytics, IoT Cloud, Test data, C#, Model Driven System Development, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence in Eindhoven

Why are we looking for you

NTS develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto-)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for large, high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs). As a first-tier systems supplier, we focus on companies active in markets with high levels of product diversity, low volumes and high complexity, such as the semiconductor, lifesciences and digital printing markets, in which precision, actuation in multiple degrees of freedom and cleanroom manufacturing are paramount.

NTS is involved in the entire life cycle of mechatronics precision equipment. This includes development, production, and also maintenance. From the moment of shipment of  a system to a customer, typically the data that is collected in the equipment itself will be used for remote monitoring, e.g. over an IoT gateway to the cloud. However, already during the several stages of development and testing at NTS before shipment to the NTS customer, a large amount of relevant data is generated. Existing test tools, even the best in class, are limited to managing the testing process. Test data ends up in the NTS test cloud, whereas field monitoring data ends up in an IoT cloud. The different clouds cannot be linked. This way it is not possible to combine the different sources of data for effective analysis, which is an undesired situation. The NTS data provides a too important baseline for remote analysis and solving performance issues at the machine in use by customer.

NTS is creating a solution that is a fusion between testing and system monitoring. NTS system test data will have to be transferred to a remote database. A system specific application rather than a generic test tool will do the analysis of test results. This should result in a higher level of automation, more in-depth analysis and availability of more useful data in the long run. 

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What will you be doing

The Project Assignment has the following objectives:

  • Apply an iterative working approach, where for a simulated project each time virtually all project phases will be executed. Generate typical data for the phases of a project, like requirements - concept/feasibility – design – verification - maintenance
  • After each of above iterations evaluate the results, and make improvements
  • Write code to analyze/query log data to evaluate test results
  • Use models to capture the logic behind requirements
  • Create intelligent analyzers to measure to what extent a system is behaving according to the model
  • Work out a way to add an ‘expert opinion’ to data, e.g. by smart labeling
  • Write a report and a sales pitch

Because you are part of a multidisciplinary project team, the execution location of this project is at our D&E location in Eindhoven. Coaching and supervision is provided from this site.

TimingWe are flexible regarding the start of the project. Soonest start is September 2020, and the project should not start later than March 2021.

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What skill do you have

  • The project can be carried out as a graduation project or PD-Eng traineeship.
  • Preferred is a background in Computing Science, but we also encourage people with an education in Mathematics, Physics or Mechatronics with a significant software component to apply.
  • Knowledge of C# is a plus but not a must.
  • Tailoring the project deliverables towards the requirements of your institute/university is possible.
  • Also the project can be tailored for the execution by multiple students.
  • As an individual person, you are pro-active, eager to learn and a self-starter.

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What do we offer

NTS offers the opportunity to work for a successful and dynamic business with a leading market position and an engaging project portfolio. Our organization has a characteristically informal and friendly atmosphere, and our staff looks out for each other. Drive, entrepreneurial spirit, a results-focused mindset and striving to be the best are what we aim for in everything that we make and do. Naturally, these are traits that we are also looking for in our new colleague. 

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What can you expect

This is your opportunity to be involved in state-of-the-art technology together with enthusiastic colleagues and ambitious high tech customers in a pleasant working environment. At NTS we highly value our employees: we actively invest in your technical and personal development, while your expertise, energy and commitment is appreciated by means of a competitive full benefit package.

For more information on this Project Assignment please contact:

Laurens van der Laar, Software Architect +31 (0)6 41 16 97 57

Are you ready to make a difference? Please let us know, apply and add your resume and cover letter.  

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You will be working at one of the leading first-tier suppliers in high-tech. You are passionate about and committed to your specialization, just like our other colleagues. In return for your passion and enthusiasm, we will provide you with chances and opportunities to grow further in your career.

You like to work on projects which contribute to the technology of the future. We make sure to connect challenging projects and activities to your knowledge and competences in the best possible way. That’s how we accelerate the future for you and our customers.

You are motivated to take professional and competence oriented courses, in order to keep developing your knowledge and skills in the field of innovation, creativity, talent development and entrepreneurship.

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