To me NTS feels like one big playground

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Leon Vincent fullfils a dual role at NTS. Besides his work as project manager New Product Introduction, he works as a process engineer. As an external consultant, he works on the phased implementation of a Product Life Cycle Management system. His efforts are also aimed at optimising operational processes. For this Leon developed a system with Manufacturing Execution System functionalities that is based on the perspective of a mechanic. Working for NTS to Leon feels like one big playground. “I still see plenty of opportunities and chances for improvement and professionalisation. At NTS you get room and trust to realise this. Here you find a ‘let’s do it’culture.”

“I grew up in Eindhoven where I entered in a higher informatics education. After my graduation, I worked as a consultant at ICT Group for 18 years. There I started as a programmer and I eventually grew into the role of system architect. I developed a lot of embedded software and later I more and more focused on automation of production. During these years I worked for Philips a lot.”

Working on the combination of automation and operations

“Subsequently I worked as a freelancer for five years, among others as a program manager for Tom Tom. There I was responsible for setting up a test factory in China and for the output of production lines. I traveled a lot during that time. What I like most is working on the combination of automation and operations. The good thing about a company like Tom Tom is the size of the company. It is just like NTS. The company is large enough to be able to work in a very professional way but it is still small enough to really have some genuine influence.”

Preference for temporary assignments

“After I had finished my assignment at TomTom, I chose to join a bureau that seconds technical professionals. I chose TMC. I didn’t really like the acquisition part of being a freelancer and I noticed that the most challenging assignments often are assigned to bureaus. I did, however, consciously decide to keep on performing temporary assignments.”

Double assignment as project manager and process engineer

“I work at TMC for the New Product Introduction unit and I among others have worked for ASML, OCÉ and ASMI. At the moment I work for NTS as project manager New Product Introduction. I actually have a double role here. On the one hand, I am project leader and on the other hand, I work as a process engineer. That is what is good about a company like NTS, it is exactly large enough to approach something very professionally but small enough to be able to be involved in everything.”

Implementation of PLM system and developing system with MES functionality

“At NTS I work on the implementation of a Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) system. That is linked to NTS’ ERP system. The implementation will eventually lead to improved version management what will result in fewer mistakes and that is something the customer is going to notice. Besides this, I have developed a system that allows mechanics to register their time. It is a system with Manufacturing Execution System functionalities. It would be great when in the end we could implement a complete MES system.“

NTS is a playground with lots of opportunities

“To me, NTS feels like one big playground. I see lots of possibilities and chances that can still be used for professionalisation and improvement. In this case, you have two types of persons. People who love to take up everything and like showing initiative on the one hand, and people who like to be in a stable environment on the other hand. I belong to the first category.”

Reasoning from the perspective of a mechanic

“The real corporate companies like ASML and Philips to me are too large, I can have too little influence there. I love companies of the size of NTS. My greatest challenge at the moment is the design of a MES reasoned from the perspective of a mechanic. What you tend to see here is that engineers choose to work in a certain way. I try to turn that around and reason from the perspective of a mechanic.”

Room and trust to execute an assignment

“I want to see how mechanics work and what they profit from the most. In this way team leaders also directly see the benefits. I really like this project and I get a lot of freedom to decide what is necessary to design it in the right way. That is why I have spend a lot of time in the workplace and I also went into the cleanroom. At NTS there is nobody who asks you: ‘hé what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be doing something else?’ Here you get space and trust.”

Presenting internals tools for improvement

“As an external consultant it is also nice to help people and give them tools. I am not here to make myself indispensable but to offer added value. The good thing is that you can look for enthusiastic and motivated people here that are already working hard on improving processes and that you can offer them additional support and stimulate them even more.”

‘Let’s do it’ culture

“That is what I generally like about NTS. A lot of young people work here who get a lot of responsibility and possibilities for their personal development and are supported very well during this process. Furthermore, I really like the company’s culture. It genuinely is a no-nonsense company. There is a ‘let’s do it’ culture. At NTS nice products are developed, of high technical quality and people at NTS have the guts to simply implement large changes. They, for example, have made the switch of being organised in a functional way to being organised in a customer-oriented way in a very short time.”

Seeing benefits on the work floor is what gives me energy

“I am very happy working at NTS. After I have finished implementing PLM I would really like to proceed to implement a MES. I like working bottom-up and seeing the benefits on the floor. That is what gives me energy.”

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