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Over two years ago Marijn Verkooijen (21) started his intermediate vocational education Mechatronics. When he started, he chose for NTS as a training company. Because he chose for a training on the job pathway, Marijn immediately had an income so that he could pay for his education. Besides his job as mechanic at NTS, he is now studying mechanical engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences during evenings in order to expand his career opportunities. His ultimate ambition is to become Product Engineer at NTS. “I want to be in the position that I can think of solutions that will help mechanics do their work better. I like helping people.”

“When I had finished my intermediate vocational education, I wanted to continue studying. I really like my work but I wonder if I want to keep on assembling machines for the rest of my life. I at least want to have some options. Then I can always choose to work as a mechanic or to do something different. Initially my goal is to obtain my associate’s degree within now and two years. After that I want to proceed and study an additional two years to obtain my bachelor’s degree.”

Continue studying after practical training

“I have a diploma in Higher General Secondary Education but after I had finished secondary school, I wanted to start in a profession so that I could make some money. In this way my study was also paid for. I succeeded in this but at the school of intermediate vocational education my teachers already told me that I could do more. Now I also want to obtain a diploma at a University of Applied Sciences as I find the job of a Product Engineer very appealing and at NTS you really need to have bachelor’s degree for it.”

NTS stimulates personal growth

“Fortunately NTS offers me the chance to study. I have expressed my wish to obtain another diploma and NTS supports me in my choice and pays for my courses. My production leader immediately let me know that he likes to support personal growth. A few more people needed to agree on it and after that I was given a definite ‘yes’.

Lectures in the evenings

“At the moment I participate in lectures during two evenings every week. Besides this, I need to make my homework. It takes a lot of time and you really need to invest it but I like it and I do my best to make the most of it. Just like I do in my job during the day.”

Working on Apostore

“At the moment I am working on the Apostore. A machine that pharmacists use to take the medicine from, that they hand their clients. I get an instruction manual from a Product Engineer and use this to assemble the machine. Altogether it takes one week to assemble it. At the moment that I receive a component, it has already passed three pairs of hand in the warehouse. Getting the components to me requires a whole chain. I actually am a small part of a much larger process.”

Starting with nothing and ending up with a functioning product

“What I like about the profession of mechanic is that you start with nothing and end up with a functioning machine. That simply is very nice. It is just like the LEGO I had as a child. I also found that awesome. You have a manual and you put the LEGO blogs together step by step and in the end, it all adds up.”

Worked on almost all machines and products

“I started at NTS two years and three months ago and in that time, I have worked on almost all machines and products that are made here. During the training on the job pathway you work in blocks of ten weeks. Every ten weeks I worked on another product or system.”

Not a lot of manufacturing companies offer a work-study program

“There aren’t many manufacturing companies that offer such a work-study program in mechatronics. Back then I could choose between a number of companies and I chose NTS as it seemed to be the company with the best atmosphere. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and NTS is a very good training company.”

Knowing the entire product is what I like the most

“One of the nicest products I have worked on is an electron microscope. The good thing about it, is that you work on it for two days and have put together an entire machine. During a while you know the entire product by heart. Moreover, the team that works on the microscopes is a very nice team.”

Good atmosphere in the team

“It is also one of the larger teams. It consists of four mechanics and three testers. All very nice persons. We were located close to one and other, so we could talk to each other and make a joke every now and then. That is something I also find very important, a good atmosphere.”

Additional young people are very welcome

“The Additive Industries team that builds a 3D metal printer, is also very nice and large. It also is an enormous machine by the way. What I would like in general is to have more young people join our company. If it were up to me the average age in the workplace would go down.”

Good to be able to make rapid progress

“Besides a good atmosphere I like being able to make rapid progress. Then my day is good. If I cannot proceed because of parts that are missing or because I have to wait and start something else, I find that quite annoying. It is best just to be able to finish your work. Then you know for sure that it has been done properly and then you do not have to delegate it to others.”

Enable others to do their work in a better way

“That is also what I find appealing in the job of Product Engineer. You can help mechanics to do their work better. As a Product Engineer you are in the position to solve problems that occur in the workplace and I am someone who likes to help other people. I also want to grow because I like change. I want to prevent my work from becoming boring.”

Being in the position to solve problems

“As a Product Engineer I would be the one who proposes solutions. Now I have to stop working when something is absent or incorrect. A higher education to me means more possibilities and more freedom. And that is the good thing about NTS, you learn the profession in a profound way and they also support you in your further personal development. Altogether my choice for NTS has proven to be an excellent one.”

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