From paper processes to an extensive IT landscape

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Since the start of his career in 1984 Theo Geenen has worked at NTS-Group (then still known as: Nebato). He started at the company in a role as planner, witnessed the beginning of automation and immediately recognized the enormous possibilities and potential of IT. For years, Theo has been responsible for IT at NTS in various roles. He was the driving force behind essential improvements and increase in efficiency. Now, in his role of Manager Information Systems, his focus is on his main interests: ERP, CRM and BI. His work remains dynamic. ‘I have faced a lot of challenges and I have had the opportunity to solve them. That is the room you get at NTS.’

Theo Geenen grew up in Bergeijk. a small village where Nebato, what later would become NTS-Group, was located. He knew the director and at the moment that he was about to finish his business study, he was offered a job as planner. 

From paper to automated processes

“It was all about planning production processes, “says Theo. In 1984 that was still done on paper, completely by hand. I had already finished intermediate vocational education- and higher professional education and after that I did a course in logistics in the evening. When I started working, information technology was still in its infancy. Fortunately, we had a visionary director who just like me, directly saw the enormous possibilities automation offered. That is how I sort of got into IT while fulfilling a paper job.”

Interest in IT was aroused immediately

“We started with an IBM system, a type of ERP software package, the functionalities the package offered when it comes to functionalities for planning were very marginal in the beginning. My interest in IT, however, was aroused immediately. Logistical processes are the engine behind the business management that ensures the company’s continuity. An efficient way of structuring these processes is crucial for the way a company conducts business.”

Growth of the company demands different structure in IT-department

“From a position of supply chain manager at Nebato I have been promoted to the position of general ICT-manager of the NTS-Group. Over the years NTS kept on growing and in the end, it became a very wide-ranging role. I fulfilled the position of general manager for many years, till the beginning of this year. Because of the scale and growth of the organisation the structure of our department has changed in the last year.”

Specialisations within the department

“An overall IT-manager has been contracted who is responsible for the total automation of NTS. I myself am now responsible for the subjects that interest me most like ERP, CRM and BI. Besides this we have a colleague who is responsible for hardware and someone who is responsible for product lifecycle management.”

Working for NTS = never a dull moment

“Working for NTS mainly is very dynamic as the company is very dynamic. Throughout the years NTS has taken over quite some companies at home and abroad. Because of this you get a mix of different cultures and company cultures. That makes working for NTS very attractive. In my role I am able to help people which gives me a lot of satisfaction. The value I add is particularly high in the Czech Republic and Asia. When I visit the factories in these countries I am always able to solve a lot of problems.”

“That is mainly caused by the culture in these countries. Employees do not immediately grab a phone in order to solve problems. Urgent questions are addressed but the somewhat less urgent matters remain unaddressed until I am present at the factory in person. Making improvements is not always easy as they need to be very convinced of the fact that it actually is an improvement. They need to be convinced and they need to trust you. When you get their trust, you can really make progression.”

A lot of room for initiatives

“Last I get a lot of satisfaction when I can build something together with others. It is very nice to be part of a team. Together with a colleague who I have worked with closely, we have faced quite some challenges and we have got a lot of things done. You get these opportunities at NTS.”

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