Achieving success together, is extremely motivating

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Because of NTS’ continuous growth, the company changed the structure of its division over the last year. For Business Line Manager at NTS Mechatronics, Ruud Kuepers (32), this resulted in a promotion.  Where he first needed to connect employees in order to support customers he now manages a multidisciplinary team that is dedicated to one customer. A generalist position that requires a considerable amount of soft-skills and more responsibility. In this job Ruud is in his native element. “Working on a common goal and achieving result together, is extremely motivating.” 

When the structure of NTS Mechatronics changed, Ruud’s position changed as well. After having fulfilled the role of Customer Service Executive, he was promoted to the role of Business Line Manager in January of this year. In the past he used to connect people in the best way he could in order to offer the customer the best possible support. Now he manages a team that works dedicated for one specific client according to a clear structure.

Client specific business lines

“Within NTS Mechatronics you now have three business lines,” Ruud explains. “The business lines work for one specific client. An analysis I have made over the last few months once again showed that we make an enormous number of critical modules and products for specific clients. It concerns a lot of large modules and a great diversity in products and components. This diversity demands a tight control.”

Generalist role

“My position is very generalist. You need to have general knowledge of a wide range of subjects. This position matches perfectly with the various studies I did. In this job the process thinking that was taught during my technical study mechanical engineering and the analytical skills I acquired during my master supply chain management are combined perfectly in this job. That is something that evolved throughout the years, this is not a job that you think of when you are young. You simply keep on learning and developing yourself and then one thing leads to another.”

Much more focus on soft skills

“When you compare this position to my former role as Customer Service Executive then this position requires a lot more soft skills. Theory is black and white but managing people is an entirely different ball game. It means that you need to listen closely to the people in your team and that you need to try to understand what motivates them to make certain choices. The results in the end depends very much on people. One day a person just simply performs better than the next.”

Achieving successes together is extremely motivating

“The new organisational structure is an absolute improvement. What you see is that people like working as a team on achieving mutual goals. Having a mutual goal and being successful together is extremely motivating, this results in the fact that colleagues have a greater job satisfaction.”

Room for input and increase of mutual understanding

“It enables people to directly make improvements. Besides this it reduces the frustration of the people who feel something is not arranged properly. On the one hand they have the possibility to address topics and on the other hand they experience why others make different choices because of their expertise. This creates mutual understanding. Moreover, it results in very good new ideas.”

“A good example is what we are working on at the moment: redesigning a cleanroom. The logistics expert wants to realise the most optimised work process in order to work as efficiently as possible, the cleanroom employee takes his own work satisfaction into consideration and wants to sit nearer to his colleague and the person who is responsible for the technology thinks about how we can work as clean as possible and achieve the highest quality.

Then it is my responsibility to challenge my team members to come up with the best solutions together and in the end to decide. I was not authorized to do that in my previous position but I can now and that is nice.”

Informed the customer of our change

“We introduced the customer to our new way of working, we informed them of what was going to change and of how we were going to make the changes. In the business line you now find an enormous KPI-board that gives insight in our al goals and progress. Very transparent, our customer likes that as well. You can see exactly how we are doing, in a glance.”

We define KPI’s for a period of three months. Each week our team stands before the KPI-board, to see whether we are on track. I, for example, want to reach a performance of 98%. All improvements are displayed specifically and when we lag behind on a specific topic then we work extra hard on it. We celebrate our successes together. Recently we ate cake on our strongly increased quality performance.”

Increase in responsibility leads to increase in pride of results

“I like my current position a lot better than my former position. Mainly because in this role I have a lot more responsibility, which is something that motivates me. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I was raised with that mentality. When I know what it is that I work hard for, I can be truly proud of the results I achieve. My main challenge for the future is in management. Eventually I want to learn what my leadership style is. At this moment I am exploring which style that is.”

Entrepreneurial, dynamic company culture

“NTS’ company’s culture is very entrepreneurial. When you take initiatives, you get all the room you need to do so and you get to see the results. Before I worked at NTS, I worked in aerospace which is a relatively calm sector in compared to the high-tech world. Because of the rapid changes and continuous innovations in technology at NTS you need act quickly. It is very dynamic.”

“This requires an entrepreneurial attitude, don’t thinks things over too long, or have too much discussion about it but be hands on, take action and achieve results. That is why we attract people that are able to make a good estimation of what risks are at stake, that dare to take these risks and say ‘go for it’.”

NTS is not too large and not too small

“NTS is large enough to be very professional, but not too large so you are still able to influence what happens. If I have a solid business case I can go to the CEO if I see possibilities for improvements. On the other room there is also room to make mistakes and learn from them. That is a combination that works for me and matches my ambitions.”

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