‘At NTS I don’t get bored easily'

Lisan de Bresser, Human Recourses Advisor

'NTS is everyone of us'

Suzanne Coppers, Senior Human Recourses Advisor

Video | Launching new technology onto the market in time comes with enormous challenges

Stefan Woestenenk, CNC Miller

Ensure that processes run like a roller coaster

Dave van 't Hull, Logistics Engineer

Customers’ interests: a joint responsibility

Elsbeth de Jong, Customer Service Officer

Incredible to see what a common goal can lead to

Marcel Rietkerk, Engineering Manager

Video | Critical modules for electron microscopes to cure viruses

Mark Meenhuis, Mechatronics System Engineer

When my brother was given Lego Technic, I was jealous

Iris Panhuis, Machine operator in a work-study program

Mechanical redesign for lens focus module and design for thermal actuator

Paul van den Hoogenhof, Intern Mechanical Engineering

To me NTS feels like one big playground

Leon Vincent, Project Manager NPI & Proces Engineer

Video | CNC milling of ultra-precise components

Kevin Bijen, 5-axis CNC miller and programmer

An entrepreneur with a permanent contract and a mission

Eddy Allefs, Senior Technology Manager

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