Component Manufacturing and Systems Assembly in Eastern Europe: Your springboard for success

Wherever OEM’s establish themselves as developers and manufacturers of high-tech machines, they are in need of suppliers which are able to fulfill their demands and keep up with their technological progress. This fundamental insight inspired NTS to follow its key customers worldwide as a first tier partner in design, engineering, component manufacturing and assembly. In this way NTS enables them to focus on their core business. In the Czech Republic the services of NTS Prometal and Mechatronics Brno have grown to a premium rate. Together, and when needed in close cooperation with their Dutch colleagues, they serve customers in Central Europe on an equal level as NTS in the Netherlands.

In 2001 Otto van Leuven started his career at NTS Prometal in Slavicin, a village in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. He worked as a sales and transfer manager until 2008, when he was asked to take on the position as Managing Director which he holds to this day. During the last 17 years he has seen his company develop from a basic metal worker into a first rate production partner in milling, turning, sheet metal processing, finishing and assembly. “And just as important”, Otto states, “NTS started Mechatronics Brno, a high grade assembling company, in 2014.This gave an entire new dimension to our presence in the high-tech value chains in Central Europe.”

Added value

A lot of high-tech companies may have moved to the Prague and Brno area for cost reasons in the past, now it’s all about added value. “The activities of our local customers – large OEM’s - have evolved strongly and are presently similar to what they are doing elsewhere in the world”, states Otto. “They focus on design and manufacturing of their core technology, and bringing it to global markets. A lot of them outsource almost everything in between. As a first tier supplier NTS has always had the ambition to unburden them by developing key technology, manufacturing components and assembling modules. And this is what we’re doing here as a one-stop-shop for Central Europe.”

Ultraprecise modules

According to Otto, establishing NTS Mechatronics in Brno was instrumental to the success of NTS in the Czech Republic. NTS Prometal hit some serious boundaries in the ability to keep up with the assembly needs of customers. It had achieved operational excellence in welding, milling, sheet metal processing, finishing and mechanical montage. But it wasn’t equipped to handle the growing demand for the assembly of critical modules. That’s why NTS started NTS-Mechatronics in Brno; a specialist in assembling ultraprecise systems who operates around the corner from its clients.

Technological slipstream

Otto: “By joining the forces of our Czech companies, and those of our development and engineering team in Eindhoven, now days we are a full-fledged development and manufacturing partner. We are able, also by adapting the knowledge, technology and processes of our Dutch sister companies, to directly serve local high-tech OEM’s in almost all of their requests and maintain our position in their technological slipstream. Moreover, through this synergy, we can handle almost any transfer of high-tech equipment from the Netherlands. In this respect we are truly unique in this country. And I cannot stress the importance of this fact enough. The contraints for the further development of high-tech chains in Western Europe - for instance because of a lack of technicians, logistical congestion and restricted physical space - are non-existent in Czech Republic. This means that there is an abundance of room to grow for high-tech OEM’s, of course with NTS as their strategic partner.”

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