Ultra-precision machining at a unique level

New ultra precision machining equipment at NTS Norma to increase capacity and improve flexibility to customers. As the functionality of high-tech machinery becomes increasingly complex, demand for module and component quality also continues to grow. This also affects the supply chain for machine manufacturers, OEMs and their suppliers. As a facility that sets itself apart with its ultra-precision capabilities, NTS Norma - as renowned specialist in ultra precise machining - has invested several millions over the past few years in next generation precision equipment. 

Norma was acquired by NTS in 2016. With the acquisition, NTS gained an exceptional specialist in developing and building extremely precise components and modules. The merger of their respective strengths meant new synergy within the company and has contributed to additional growth as a system supplier. This development has been reinforced through major investment in a new machine park.

1.5 out of 1,000 failure rate
“In the markets where we are active, namely semicon, analytics and medical, the quality norms are increasingly high”, according to Norma Sales Manager, Bart Mosman. “Among other things, that has to do with the development of ever more intelligent products that carry out increasingly complex tasks. Safety is also of increasing importance to our clients and end consumers. The standards of automobile manufacturers for computer chips in their vehicles in constantly rising as well. While a failure rate of one percent is still acceptable in the industry today, that will be changing to only 0,15 percent in the coming years. That will demand more of our craftspeople, our processes and our production facilities.”

New opportunities
Mosman: “The combination of our staff experience and our new machines, we will be able to optimize our process and work with increasing precision. This will also enable us to create a foundation that will be able to keep up with the ever-higher expectations of our clients. When it comes to quality and output, we are creating new opportunities. And that is what our clients want from us.”

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