Shortening your time to market in prototyping and industrialization

The dynamics of the world in which high-tech machine builders operate are unprecedented. Technology is developing rapidly and their international markets are highly volatile. Under these circumstances, speed in bringing new products to these market is crucial for their success. This requires a high level of flexibility of OEMs and their suppliers. As a partner in the development, engineering and manufacturing of complex opto-mechatronic modules and machines, NTS creates this necessary agility by working in dedicated multidisciplinary teams.

Jan Loermans is a Senior Realization Project Manager at NTS division Development & Engineering. With his ten years of experience of working in the high-tech industry, he knows what is needed in order to create speed in the development and manufacturing of complex technology in practice. "No product, customer nor technological challenge is the same. But what all our projects have in common is that they are constantly subject to alterations. To achieve the results you need, you have to expect the unexpected and set up your organization accordingly."

Competitive edge

NTS is a well-established developer and manufacturer of critical (opto)mechatronic modules and machines for OEMs who operate in global high mix, low volume and high complexity markets. It delivers solutions that drive the competitive edge of customers by focusing on excelling in quality, cost-effectiveness and enabling a short time to market.

"In doing this, we are continuously challenged to create speed in the development, validation and industrialization of new precision systems. At the same time these are constantly and increasingly subject to change, for example, due to changes in products and markets. This means that flexibility is key to contribute optimally to the business cases of our customers."

One-offs and  series

To ensure the agility necessary for success, Development & Engineering projects are always assigned to a unique, dedicated, multidisciplinary team. Their composition in terms of professional and personal competences depend on the tasks at hand, for example regarding technology development, the need to get it right the first time or integrating production and life cycle management. During the design and manufacturing of one-offs, the core members are likely to be system architects, developers, proto builders and testers. And when development has to culminate in the production of series units, the early involvement of specialists such as component suppliers and experts in mechanical and system assembly is also indispensable.

International presence

“At NTS, design for quality, cost and lead time is always the outcome of an intensive cooperation with the customer. To be able to optimize results, it helps a lot to collaborate in a setting where there’s room to challenge each other’s questions. Whether a project entails the development and production of a tester for the cameras of phones, a spectacle lens 3D printer or a gantry to detect and irradiate cancer cells - to name some examples of our work - the basis for success is largely determined in the early phases of the project. At the same time you need to involve the right people during the entire process. The advantage of working with NTS is that we have all the necessary developers and manufactures to do so. They are used to working together and even literally sit closely to each other, for example at our NTS Campus in Eindhoven. Moreover, because of our international presence, we are able to optimize designs for the possible transference of engineering and production to other countries in the early stages of projects. This makes our ability to effectively meet the ever changing demand of our customers’ markets truly unique.”

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