NTS Norma focuses on ultra precision and cleanliness

The Board of Directors of NTS and the management of Interflow B.V. have signed for the construction of a 1600 m2 cleanroom in the NTS Norma factory in Hengelo. This cleanroom will be delivered at the beginning of 2020 and, from that moment on, will be more than filled with products that are now being developed for various customers.

The new cleanroom is going to have sections with ISO 7 and ISO 6 purity.In addition, provisions are being made for ISO 5 purity.

NTS Norma has, in recent years, specialized increasingly in the production and assembly of high-precision, mechanical and mechatronic components. These are components with accuracies to 1 micrometer. These components find their application in the heart of the machines that Original Equipment Manufacturers build for, for example, the semiconductor and analytical markets.

As much as possible under one roof

The cleanroom will be built at the location where there are already production units for milling, turning, grinding, wire EDM, heat treatments, vacuum and salt bath brazing and soldering, and measuring. This fits into the vertical integration strategy of NTS. A precise, technical coordination between all of the operations is, after all, a prerequisite for realizing the ultra precise accuracies.

Production process meets high cleanliness requirements

Because the precision components end up in the heart of the machines, cleanliness of the components is increasingly important. The smallest bit of contamination--dust particles, burrs, remnants of a cleaning agent, etc. -- can result in these machines no longer functioning.

NTS Norma has therefore set up a program to design its production processes in such a way that products always meet the various cleanliness requirements.One element of this program is the assembly of components into modules in a very clean room, the cleanroom that is now going to be built.

In the broad combination of ultra precision, manufacturing competencies, cleanliness, and cleanroom assembly, NTS Norma is unique. This combination is essential in the world of ever-increasing miniaturization and precision, as can already be seen in the semiconductor and analytical markets.

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