NTS-Group CEO Marc Hendrikse will resign as of 1 August 2020

Marc Hendrikse (60), CEO of NTS-Group in Eindhoven, has informed the Supervisory Board that he will resign from his position as of 1 August 2020. 

NTS develops, produces and assembles complex (opto-) mechatronic systems and modules for large, high-tech machine manufacturers. In 2005, Hendrikse was part of the foundation that formed the current NTS. As director of Te Strake, he was one of the architects behind the merger with Nebato, which later became the NTS-Group. At the end of 2007, he became the CEO of this company, which has seen significant growth over the recent years, achieving a turnover of roughly €280 million in 2019 partly due to the acquisition of high-tech company Norma in 2016. With approximately 1700 employees around the globe, including about 1050 in the Netherlands, NTS is one of the larger employers in the high-tech sector.

Commenting on his resignation, Marc Hendrikse said: “In the years to come, achieving manageable growth will be vital for suppliers to the high-tech industry such as NTS. Our customers are growing and they expect their suppliers to grow at the same pace. That is not always easy, as this has to be managed in such a way as to maintain control and sufficient profitability. The ongoing integration with Norma will continue to require attention from the management over the next two years. Given these promising growth and developments opportunities, I felt that, after 15 years of managing this wonderful company, it is now time to hand over the reins to a successor.”

Saskia van Walsum, Chairperson of the NTS Supervisory Board, highlighted what Hendrikse has achieved over the years. “Marc Hendrikse was a leading figure in helping NTS develop into the exceptional company we know today and achieve its unique market position. He has also invested a great deal of energy into collaborations between companies in the Dutch high-tech industry, and into the worldwide prestige this sector enjoys and from which NTS has benefited. Marc informed us well in advance of his intention to resign from his position so that he could create space for a successor.”

With the firm commitment of the Wintermans family as shareholders in NTS, there is a wealth of sustainable growth potential in our future.

Marc's successor will be able to focus on manageable growth, with an even greater emphasis on developing distinctive and strategic propositions for our customers.

NTS expects to announce the new CEO of NTS soon.

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