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The enormous competition in and volatility of high tech markets set high demands regarding the agility of OEM’s. The goal of NTS is to help them achieve this. The added value which it delivers in this regard is more than the sum of development and production skills. It’s the synergy between these activities - and therefore also between the various NTS companies - which enables customers to optimize their business cases. Consequently, thinking and acting as one company is of the utmost importance. That’s why NTS creates a new campus in which its core competences also are physically incorporated.

CEO Marc Hendrikse: “During the last decade NTS has grown into an impressive high tech supplier with development, assemblage and production companies in Europe, Asia and America. This means that the first part of our mission is completed. We want to be in close proximity of our customers to serve them optimally. This is the reason for our international expansion by taking over businesses and starting them ourselves. Now we are in the middle of a second development phase; creating One NTS. The new NTS Campus is an integral part of this undertaking.

Shift up and down
The customers of NTS operate in the markets of high complexity, low volume and high mix. Those are extremely competitive and continually changing. The success of high tech OEM’s is therefore strongly dependent on their ability to swiftly shift up and down, and quickly bring their innovations to their markets.

Marc: “That why our customers constantly raise the bar in respect to NTS’s ability to add value during developing and engineering key technology, producing precise components and assembling their critical modules. To comply with this demand, you firstly have to know them through and through, and have the necessary competences at your disposal. But that’s not enough. Where they want to increase their agility, NTS has to do that too in order to facilitate them in this ambition. And to offer that flexibility and speed, while we keep guaranteeing quality at a good price, a strong focus on our key accounts and intensive teamwork within NTS is crucial.”

The One NTS project started two years ago. The goals is to create more uniformity, within NTS and from a market perspective. Stimulating and shaping co-operation stands at the center of this enterprise. NTS works - among other things - on unity in technology and processes, logistics, sales and communication. And that’s a tall order, bearing in mind the company encompasses fifteen businesses on three continents.

“In the Netherlands NTS also has a considerable geographical distribution ,” says Marc. “We are beginning to change this now since a physical concentration promotes continuous co-operation, simply because mutual contact is easier. That’s why we are currently realizing the NTS Campus where all our core competences are brought together over the coming year. The Campus will be located in Eindhoven, at the site of our headquarters, NTS D&E and NTS Mechatronics. We are establishing three new buildings where NTS CombiMetaal, NTS Precision and the assembly operations of NTS Wijchen will be relocated. In this way, all those specialists in precision machining, proto and system assembly, working metal and development will be running into each other all of the time. And they can meet at each other’s working spaces whenever they feel the need. This is going to increase our strength and flexibility even more. And I am sure this will benefit our customers substantially.”

This news article was part of our newsletter Accelerating News Q4 - 2018

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