Marc Hendrikse: Accelerating your business

In the high-tech industry, agility has become a predominant factor. Quickly adapting to changing situations is necessary for the whole value chain. This also implies that new developments come quickly. For that reason, we have started this newsletter to inform our partners about the developments at NTS. 

Over the last years, NTS has experienced a significant growth. Partly because of new projects with our customers, partly also because the market of our customers is growing at fast pace. Unfortunately, this has led to stress in the whole supply chain. Following the demands of the market has been difficult and this has impacted our score on customer satisfaction.

We have taken measures to cope with the increase in demand and we are working hard to bring our customer satisfaction level back to where it belongs. This means investing in our factories, in equipment for those factories and most important of all, in our employees and partners. In the end it is our aim to satisfy our customers by accelerating their business. Which can only be achieved by our well equipped and motivated staff and partners.

Kind regards,

Marc Hendrikse

This news article was part of our newsletter Accelerating News Q3 - 2018

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