How do you solve capacity problems in times of economic upswing?

In order to be competitive high-tech machine builders increasingly focus on their core technology and user markets. Therefore, they have to rely on trusted partners for the development, production and assembly of key equipment. NTS stands out as a first tier supplier that excels in all these areas, both in skills as in vertical integration. This brings benefits to customers in various ways, for instance in meeting high demands when markets grow. NTS Precision, one of our specialists in precision machining, tackles this current issue in high mix low volume component manufacturing by combining a high level of robotics, extensive tooling, craftsmanship and smart workflow logistics.

NTS Precision is an expert in producing accurate machined parts to the highest level. Since Paul Neggers was appointed as Managing Director in 2016, the company has known a strong development, both in production volume as in its capabilities in value engineering, new product introduction and industrialization. He is convinced that NTS Precision is at the verge of another growth spurt. ‘Our recent move to the NTS Campus will improve our ability to meet customer demands even further, because of our new facilities and the physical proximity of our development and manufacturing colleagues.”

Home base

The realization of the NTS Campus in Eindhoven is well underway. This NTS Campus is home base to various NTS companies in design, assembly and component manufacturing and is the spot where all NTS’ competences come together. This offers many advantages, such as short lines of communication and an even more efficient integration of development, engineering and production processes. Paul is particularly excited with the customer advantages that moving NTS Precision to the NTS campus brings.

Logistics flow

"NTS Precision has a state-of-the-art machine park. Our people know their craft like no other. But the results we book are also largely depending on our workflow and factory investments. Moving into a new modern building, offered us the possibility to expand and rearrange the production floor in order to further optimize our processes. Another huge advantage of having our place at the NTS Campus is the easy access to other NTS organizations and specialists. As a result, we can attribute even more to projects which involve several NTS companies, for example in quality, efficiency in costs, and - a particularly current issue – solving our customers lead times challenges."

Full power

In this time of economic boom, many OEMs have to pull out all stops to fulfill the demand of their customers. This  leads to the buildup of pressure in their organizations. As a partner in the development and manufacturing of critical modules and machines, NTS is operating at full power to relieve these pressures. The same goes for NTS Precision.

"Our goal is to provide customers with what they need, also when demand grows. With our high level of automation and extensive tooling capabilities, we are well equipped to realize short lead times in manufacturing complex machined components in high varieties. A large share of realizing this is due to craftsmanship and smart workflow logistics. Our three and five-axis machining specialists relish the challenges of  optimizing the quality and production volumes of our machines and systems as much as possible. This allows us to effectively solve capacity problems of our customers. And that is a very big plus in the current market conditions.”

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