How can development and engineering shorten your time to market in a turbulent business environment?

Life cycles are getting progressively shorter, and talent is hard to find. Accelerating your time to market is an increasingly important challenge for OEMs. NTS makes that easier for high-tech OEM machine builders at every step of the production process, all the way through to building complete modules and machines. That is the proposition that the company has brought to the market as a first-tier system supplier from the very beginning. That proposition becomes more focused based on the specific needs of clients, starting at the Development & Engineering division. This is where NTS’s unique added value for specific technological fields and development themes is truly defined and expanded further. Furthermore, investments are being made in customer relationships in the technical realm, which is the level where the success of a collaboration below-the-line is determined. 

Hans Scholtz became the director of the NTS Development & Engineering division in early 2018. Prior to this role, he worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific for 19 years. His professional experience means that he brings a unique perspective to this new position. “NTS is a strong developer, component manufacturer and assembly facility. But clients want more: they want you to create added value by considering their specific needs. Keeping that in mind, Development & Engineering is focused on content, effectively communicating what it is that makes us unique and finding ways to simultaneously broaden and tailor those capacities.”

Value propositions
Scholtz has created seven teams focused on following themes: value engineering, co-development, industrialization, optical development, digital printing, systems development and custom positioning solutions. Their task is to come up with clear value propositions for marketing the services of NTS’s development department. That includes not only highlighting and chronicling the things that set the department apart, but also formulating a technological road map that connects to developments in the market.

Better, faster and cheaper
Scholtz says, “This means that we can bring what we stand for into sharper focus, including the areas and ways that we can support our clients by providing complex products better, faster and cheaper. The strength of NTS itself is also an important component. That strength comes from the fact that we can apply our experience and wisdom to our components and assembly division from the very beginning of the design phase.”

Technological realm
A successful partnership in the high-tech industry begins with trust in the technical competencies. That is why input from engineers is vital in discussions between NTS and clients. NTS Development & Engineering strives to enrich its relationship with its clients in the technological realm. In order to roll this out in practice - namely, to coordinate regular communication on the R&D level - NTS created a new position: Senior Technology Manager. We started with two senior technology managers.

Clarity and focus
“Our goal is to be even better connected to what our client’s needs are”, Scholtz says. “This also creates more clout for NTS, as do our new value propositions. Focus also improves as our employees get to know their clients better and recognize our level of commitment. That creates a flywheel effect that our employees and our clients can both benefit from.”

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