Creating new business cases for international high-tech OEM’s

NTS is driven by creating value as a global partner in the development and manufacturing of critical (opto-)mechatronic systems for high-tech machine builders. Our customers in Asia are served by our component and assembly companies in Singapore, Shanghai and Suzhou. Because of the ever growing demands of these customers with regard to design and the quality, cost and lead time of production, NTS is expanding its development & engineering capabilities in Asia. In this way we offer new business opportunities for OEM’s.

Once solely seen as a low-wage country, ideal for sourcing simple industrial production, China has radically changed Nowadays, it’s an technology market in its own right. Moreover, a domestic high tech industry is rapidly evolving. Bas Kreukniet, Vice President  NTS China:  “As a consequence the questions of our existing customers and prospects relating to the development and engineering of modules and machines get more and more complex. That’s why NTS is increasing these capabilities in Asia.”

Vertically integrated

The NTS Components and Mechatronics sites in Singapore, Shanghai en Suzhou have grown substantially during the recent years, both in size and expertise. They are specialists in the production and assembly of highly accurate systems for renowned OEM’s. Like everywhere else in the world, they do this out of a proposition of a strongly vertically integrated company.


“The force of NTS lies in the combination of high-end development, engineering and production. It’s no different in Asia. For instance, next to our manufacturing abilities we have gained vast technical and supply chain knowhow and expertise. This enables us to re-engineer, test and validate complex modules with the use of locally produced vendor parts such as motors, sensors and camera’s. In this way we create new business cases for our customers. After all, where manufacturing costs are reduced up to forty percent by localization, new opportunities arise for transferring products.”

Innovation and business support

The global semicon industry - one of NTS’ most important markets - is nowadays largest in Asia. This is illustrated by microchips being the number one import product of China, even exceeding oil in value. Thus, it’s hardly surprising that Chinese government invests hundreds of billions of dollars in developing the local semicon industry. This leads to the upswing of various new semicon OEM’s. And a growing number of them find their way to NTS.

Big challenges

“The needs of these companies are of a complete different order than those who ask for localizing components. They are in search of a partner who can help them with the total development and engineering of modules and machines. We are of interest to them, because of our focus on precision systems and our vast expertise in design for quality, costs and manufacturing. These big challenges are now addressed by working closely together with our development & engineering department in The Netherlands. At the same time we want to bring its extraordinary capabilities to Asia so we can serve our customers even better. That’s why we started with the expansion of our development and engineering team in Shanghai at the start of 2018. And this year we start setting up a similar team in Singapore.”

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