Specialized in providing solutions that involve optical elements

NTS Optel Nijmegen is specialized in providing solutions that involve optical elements. The optimization of products and processes demands advanced measurement solutions. Optics, opto-electronics, and laser technology are ideal tools for present-day needs. These three disciplines define the scope of activity of technical engineering firm NTS Optel Nijmegen.

NTS Optel Nijmegen has a broad range of technical expertise in areas including:

  • Optical metrology (laser triangulation, distance and shape determination)
  • Light dispersion techniques
  • Laser interferometry and laser diffraction
  • Image recording and processing techniques
  • Spectroscopy and color characterization
  • Fiber optic techniques
  • CCD techniques with one, and CCD techniques with one and two-dimensional arrays
  • Optic design based on ray tracing
  • UV, visible and IR technologies

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Kerkenbos 1303
6546 BG Nijmegen
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)24 3710570

NTS Optel

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