Managing costs and customer value

At the NTS Mecon location in Doetinchem (NL), NTS offers specialized industrial engineering and one-offs, precision mechanics / scientific instrumentation, and, in particular, value engineering.  NTS Mecon’s solutions are aimed at:

  • increasing quality and efficiency
  • cost reduction and manufacturability
  • achieving or ensuring technological market lead.

Since 1989, NTS Mecon deploys activities in mechanical construction engineering and project management. NTS Mecon has developed across the board for OEMs in primary industries like semiconductor industry. Fully operational production solutions have been realized in various markets. Precision instruments and tools have been developed for scientific research.

Value Engineering approach

NTS Mecon’s value engineering approach is specifically tuned towards a collaborative high-tech development environment. Mecon combines a systematic approach with practical knowledge of manufacturing techniques, thorough knowledge of relevant suppliers, with soft skills to operate in complex, dynamic customer environments. And, quite important, NTS Mecon is able to execute the proposed cost reductions, a clear advantage in comparison to consultancy-oriented assessment activities. Through the NTS companies, Mecon has access to an unparallelled scope of precision production technologies, 

The NTS Mecon organisation is made up of experienced engineers in the disciplines of systems engineering, mechanics, physics, electronics, biomedical engineering and automation engineering.

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Koopmanslaan 25
7005 BK Doetinchem
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)314 398 900

NTS Mecon

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