NTS Group USA is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA), close to our strategic customers and in the global center of technology innovations. From our San Jose office, we provide account management and deploy business development activities.

Our 1,700 employees worldwide are working on a daily basis with our customers:  large, high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs) in the Semicon, Analytical and Health markets, with high levels of product diversity, low volumes and high complexity.

NTS is organized to provide a broad spectrum of services to our customers, from the inception of products/concepts, proto-typing, manufacturing introduction and volume manufacturing to product lifecycle management and support. Due to our high level of integration and our qualified and extensive partner and supplier network, we can provide these services in a seamless fashion. We provide our customers with a one-stop-shopping model for highly complex, (opto)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules.

NTS strives to be involved at an early stage in new development and product/platform introductions of its strategic customers in the USA. With this early involvement, our customers experience multiple advantages:

  • Cost: a lower cost price of products and platforms;
  • Outsourced Supply Chain Management: turn-key supplier acquisition, management and assembly services;
  • Time to Market: lower throughput times of system development and NPI projects;
  • Manufacturing transfer: a seamless transfer of manufacturing from the USA to price-competitive regions.

Our team of engineers is available to support our customers for the development of new designs or industrialization or cost reduction (DfX engineering) of existing designs. Such team may be located at the customer’s site, at the office in San Jose, at our headquarters in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) or at our manufacturing and assembly sites in Asia or Europe.

Proto systems to validate a design can be manufactured locally in the USA at our partners’ premises, in our proto build facility in the Netherlands or at our manufacturing facilities in Asia and Europe.

Our assembly facilities in Europe and Asia provide our customers with a vast array of services which are key to system integration and system production, for the markets our customers operate in. Our employees are trained to perform assembly and integration activities for our customers’ highly complex systems, often requiring cleanroom environments and high-precision assembly and measurement equipment.

NTS has also successfully managed complete product/platform transfers from a US manufacturing facility (at our customer or outsourced manufacturing partner) to our NTS facilities in Asia or Europe. In these facilities, NTS continues to make investments in manufacturing equipment and employee training resulting in the best-in-class manufacturing capabilities for the customer segments we serve. Amongst our services are the manufacturing of high precision frames and cabinets, granite stability solutions, ultra-precision components and high quality finishing.

NTS Group USA is here to accelerate the future.

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