NTS Group USA is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA), close to our strategic customers and in the global center of technology innovations. From our San Jose office, we provide account management and deploy business development activities. NTS strives to be involved at an early stage in new development and product/platform introductions of strategic customers in the USA.

With this early involvement, our customers have experienced :

  • a lower cost price of products and platforms
  • an easy acquisition of a supply chain
  • lower throughput times of a project
  • a seamless transfer of manufacturing from the USA to price-competitive regions

A team of engineers is available to support our customers for the development of  new designs. Such team may be located at the customer’s site, at the office in San Jose, at our headquarters in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) or at our manufacturing and assembly sites in Asia or Europe, or a combination of these locations.

Proto systems to validate a design can be manufactured locally in the USA at our partners’ premises, in our proto build facility in the Netherlands or at our manufacturing facilities in Asia and Europe. 

NTS has also successfully managed complete product/platform transfers from a US manufacturing facility (at our customer or outsourced manufacturing partner) to our NTS facilities in Asia or Europe.

NTS Group USA is here to ‘Accelerate your Business’!

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2033 Gateway Place, 5th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110
United States of America

T: +1 408 669 6484

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