Complete solutions in large and stable high-precision bases, supports and moving parts

NTS Botech has over 35 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and assembling (natural) granite, metal components, carbon-fibers, ceramics and combinations of these.

This company is fully equipped, with an extensive manufacturing facility containing numerous advanced CNC-machine centers for a large range of products. Product sizes can vary from small to very large: up to 2.5 x 7 meters in one piece!

The last phase of the manufacturing process is executed in four climatized production and assembly areas. Here, electronic levels, autocollimators, laser interferometers and 3D-CMMs are used to achieve the ultimate accuracy of the products. In this way, flatness of as little as 0.001mm per m2 can be achieved.

Components and assemblies that require extreme specifications are produced in cleanroom conditions at NTS Botech.


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NTS Botech

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