NTS Optel solutions for Optical Inspection, Testing and Qualification

Build to your needs



30 years of experience in optics, applied optics, opto-electronics, precision mechanics, mechatronics, software and laser technology

We find the optimum fit between handling, vision, sorting and automated optical inspection to achieve high throughput and accuracy 

Keeping your production going is key. With engineering teams and manufacturing locations around the world we deliver a 24x7 service.


Custom Systems NTS Optel builds for key High Tech companies


  • Manual testing and qualification systems
  • Automated high volume testing and qualification systems

Our proven track record


  • Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE's) on glass or polycarbonate wafers/substrates
  • Refractive Optical Elements (ROE's) on glass or polycarbonate wafers/substrates
  • IR laser projector with or without MEMS scanning devices
  • Structured light laser projectors (sub testing and final testing)
  • Micro opto-mechatronic devices (VCSEL)
  • Optical components and modules for Autonomous driving (Time of Flight (ToF) LIDAR, illumination and projection)
  • Testers for quality inspection of (sealed) optical products
  • Testers for quality inspection of integrated photonics devices
  • Online and offline Inspections including functional testing  systems for Roll to Roll DOE’s and Nanostructures

What we measure


  • For optical sources we typically inspect beam power, emission pattern, optical spectrum and electrical characteristics, possibly at different temperature settings.
  • For passive optical elements like DOE diffusers and structured light generators, we typically inspect the Zero-order power (ZO), diffraction angles (FOV), diffraction efficiency (DE), pattern homogeneity and contrast (in case of spot generators).
  • Because we have more than 25 years experience we can re-use so called “building blocks” for your dedicated solution request.






a typical customer request


"The imaging world is rapidly transitioning from capturing 2D information to 3D. This called 3D sensing is one of the mega trends of our industry that will drive the market over the next 10 years.

For a new product, currently in development, we need several systems for Optical Inspection, Testing and Qualification of the DOE’s included in our product. We expect a fast product ramp-up so the systems should be available as soon as possible.

  • "The Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE’s) will be produced on glass or polycarbonate wafers"


  • “The sensor is in development so expect several iterations"
  •  "For the first systems it is allowed that the DOE’s will be loaded manually on the test system. Later this needs to be automated"


  • “The system should be cleanroom compatible"


frequently asked questions



What product throughput do you reach?

We have the handling, vision, sorting, automated optical inspection competencies and capabilities in-house. This makes sure we reach the required high product throughput and accuracy.

What is your service model?

We train your people to handle first level service items. Second line support is provided by our engineering team in your region. Our optical development team located in our headquarter guarantees the third level of support.

Is NTS only developing custom optical testers?

No, NTS develops and produces complex (opto) mechatronic systems for large, high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs). The experience gathered in the semiconductor, analytical, life siences and printing markets are from great benefit developing your optical tester.

Can you deliver only 1 tester?

NTS is specialised in developing and manufacturing of small series of high complex systems. This includes one-off systems. Our whole organisation, development, engineering, assembly and supply chain are setup for this purpose.