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Value Engineering

System design is the heart of every innovation. Good ideas depend on a good design. But also value engineering is important. Design for Manufacturing and Cost, through (re-)engineering of mechatronic systems and components, using state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies.

Margins are constantly under pressure: costs of production and materials steadily increase, while customers are not very willing to pay more without the addition of new features to the product. This mechanism reduces the profitability of a product throughout its lifecycle.

Our approach of value engineering is specifically tuned towards a collaborative high-tech development environment. NTS combines a systematic approach with practical knowledge of manufacturing techniques, thorough knowledge of relevant suppliers, with soft skills to operate in complex, ‘multi stakeholder’, customer environments, and with engineering skills to assess optimum match of component and manufacturing specifications in relation to the system specifications. NTS is able to execute the proposed cost reductions, a clear advantage in comparison to outsourced costs assessment activities. We have access to an unparallelled scope of precision production technologies.

In close collaboration with the customer, our engineers analyse where specifications can be relaxed, which suppliers offer best value, which ones are the best manufacturing technologies. Together with the customer, ideas are listed, analysed and selected on the basis of Return on Investment. We have carried out several projects that led to a significant cost down of existing products, building on its extensive design, manufacturing and supply chain knowledge.