Over the last 25 year NTS gathered the skills, capabilities and know-how to develop and manufacture precision systems for the high-tech industry. The systems we develop and build are used e.g. in semiconductor, life sciences, and digital printing industries and have mostly handling, transfer and positioning processes for which the (opto) mechatronic and mechanical know-how of NTS is benificial.


NTS: your partner for development, assembly & manufacturing

Product Life Cycle Competences

To design, manufacture, introduce a product, and to manage a product successful through its lifecycle requires application related skills, know-how and experience. It starts with selecting the right design parameters, choosing the right partners in the supply chain and picking the best assembly location based on the targeted geography. All of these are part of the NTS-Group DNA.

NTS is specialised in designing and manufacturing low-volume, highly complex products that contain a high mix of technologies.