Development & Engineering

NTS is specialized in developing high-precision systems, modules, and components for the high-tech industry. These developments mostly have handling, transfer and positioning requirements for which the opto-mechatronic and mechanical competences of NTS are beneficial.

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NTS is manufacturing high-precision systems and modules based on your design. With our compe-tences in product industrialization,  and supply chain management we provide you a high-quality product over the complete product lifetime.

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Component Manufacturing

NTS is manufacturing high-precision components in the field of mechanics, with manufacturing plants specialized in granite, sheet metal covers and frames, and surface finishing. Component manufacturing is a key asset of NTS that is crucial to delivering products to the high-tech industry, in which a high degree of flexibility is required.

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We build to your design

 You develop your own products, but in this case don’t want to manufacture it.

Our proposition:

  • You deliver your design
  • We industrialize your design
  • We use our worldwide supply chain and development competences to optimize your product for cost, quality and delivery performance 
  • We manufacture your product or module
  • We manage the product lifecycle

We build to your requirements

You focus your development on your core technology and don’t want to spend valuable resources on developing non-core modules.

Our proposition:

  • You deliver the system requirements
  • We jointly create the product specification
  • We develop and build the prototype
  • We prepare for volume production
  • We manufacture your product or module
  • We manage the product lifecycle

We build to your roadmap

By doing several programs together, we establish a symbiotic relationship.


  • We have a clear understanding of your product roadmap
  • We proactively share ideas on future requirements
  • We offer you a competitive key-module roadmap
  • We become a virtual division of your company